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Arise and Shine Uganda – The Kibuye Village

On Monday March 26th I joined Renate from Arise and Shine Uganda and we travelled out to the  Kibuye Village where Arise and Shine Uganda has community education programs and a school. The journey out there included an hour and a half in the public taxi vans and then an hour plus doubled up on […]

Within the Acholi Quarter

Here is a collection of images from the Acholi Quarter. I have been working with and photographing the people and work of Project Have Hope for the past two weeks. There are captions throughout to explain some of the photos and programs we have been doing. For more info about the Acholi Quarter and Project […]

Acholi Women of Project Have Hope

These are some of the women in the Acholi Quarter who are members of Project Have Hope. Many of them were displaced 20 years ago due to the wars in Northern Uganda and have settled here outside of Kampala in the Acholi Quarter. Upon arriving here the majority of the women had no choice but […]

Project Have Hope in the Acholi Quarter – Uganda, Africa

Six years ago Karen Sparacio arrived in the Acholi Quarter as a photojournalist and after getting to know many women in the community and hearing their stories she founded Project Have Hope. The Acholi Quarter consists of about 10,000 people who were displaced from Northern Uganda during the tribal wars about 20 years ago. This non-profit […]

Trip to Vegas

Last Thursday my family and I went to Vegas for a long weekend. My cousin Laraine plays violin in Celine Dion’s show and so we headed west to see her perform and take in some bright city lights. We also spent time with our Uncle Ed and Aunt Janet who were visiting and performing. We […]