Rottnest Island, Western Australia – Paradise

Rottnest Island is an absolute paradise. Located about 11 miles off the coast of Perth in Western Australia, this special island has been preserved and is naturally beautiful. As the ferry enters Thompson Bay you begin to see crystal clear water, coral reef, pelicans and very happy people. It’s a place where cars are not allowed and  everyone is truly on island time. I visited this gorgeous place about 10 years ago with my parents and some of my favorite memories are of riding bikes around the island with them. During my visit last week I cruised around on a bike and photographed the beautiful bays, beaches, wildlife and scenery on Rottnest Island. The island is famous for their beloved Quokka population, these little creatures are friendly and full of personality as they hop around the island and eat leaves. Being from Nantucket Island, I am always interested in what draws people from all over the world to certain islands. Rottnest Island is a place to relax or take part in snorkeling, surfing, biking and more. Everyone there is salty, sun soaked and smiling! Being there only a few short days I also met some really incredible people who are traveling around and I loved chatting with them about the magic of this little island! This is a unique place with a rich and interesting history spanning from the early Aboriginal Inhabitants, Maritime explorers and more. Here’s a glimpse into a few days spent on Rottnest Island.

More posts from Australia coming soon – including the very special wedding of Chad & Emma Walsh! Many thanks to them for bringing me to this magical place to photograph their wedding and other adventures around Australia!

Enjoy!  – Katie K.

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