New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia – Day & Night Festivities

Happy 2014 Everyone!!047

Happy New Year! Here’s to a great 2013 and a great new year ahead! My cousin and his new wife brought me over to Australia at the end of November to photograph their wedding and from there I have been photographing lots of great adventures around Australia! The trip has been a great journey and only a few short weeks ago I decided to book a flight to Sydney to spend New Year’s Eve in the city! Most people book their plans and accomodation months in advance so when I called the YHA Hostel right by the Opera House and they told me the had just had a cancellation I was beyond happy! Surely this was a good sign! I booked in and began to figure out a plan. Upon arriving at the Hostel I met some great girls who were excited to watch the fireworks from the iconic Mrs. Macquarie’s Point. I did some research the day before and the even staff explained that people camp out the night before to get in and get a good spot! On New Year’s Eve morning we woke up around 6 am and headed to get into line. This was the start of a very long day but it was well worth it as I wanted to photograph the whole experience and of course the fireworks. This particular part of the park holds 17,000 viewers and everyone is a photographer! Everyone was excited for good vantage points but it wasn’t easy getting a good spot! Throughout the day we continued to make friends with other travelers and met lots of new friends. The crowd that gathered was literally from every end of the world. I had a great day photographing the people, the snacks, the lights, the super long lines, the crowds, the little rain storm and more. As the clock struck midnight I was with my friends and standing in a tight crowd with some great people from Taiwan. As fate had it we ended up with a fabulous spot and the 18 hr day was truly unforgettable. Everyone I met and talked to had a different story of how they had decided to welcome in the New Year in Sydney….and everyone was very excited! The theme for the this year’s display was “Shine” and it was the biggest display in the history of Sydney’s Fireworks Show. For the first time since the Millennium night, over 1000 specially designed fireworks launched off the sails of the Sydney Opera House in celebration of its 40th Anniversary! Here’s a glimpse into our day and night in Sydney Australia!

Happy 2014! Enjoy – Katie K.

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