Stacey & Matt’s – Vintage Portrait Session in St. Augustine, Florida – The Day Before Their Wedding

– Stacey & Matt –


I recently spent the weekend in St. Augustine, Florida, to photograph Stacey and Matt’s wedding festivities. Stacey and Matt met on Nantucket and I am lucky to call them longtime friends of mine. These two are all smiles all the time and they absolutely adore each other. They are also very stylish and when Stacey mentioned doing a vintage inspired shoot around historical St. Augustine the day before the wedding I was all in. This was a great way to kick off the wedding weekend.

From Stacey…..”I have always loved the 50’s era and Matt loves the vintage look. We fell in love with the old time feel of St.Augustine when we visited in 2012 after many people told us about it.  As soon as we visited we knew it was the perfect choice for the wedding! It has the best of both worlds with the the old historical architecture of the downtown and also the gorgeous beaches. It is perfectly us!”

For the photo session we started out at the historical St. Augustine Lighthouse which was built in 1871. We climbed the 219 steps and even ventured outside at the top  of the lighthouse to take in the views. The staff had warned us of the 35 mph winds at the top but this was all part of the adventure! From there we headed into town.

St. Augustine was originally founded in 1565 and served as a Spanish military outpost. A large amount of the architecture today reflects that Spanish heritage. The downtown area is absolutely gorgeous. We visited the infamous ‘Love Tree’ and also met a few Pirates along the way. St. Augustine was having their annual Pirate Gathering in which people dress in Pirate attire and celebrate the golden age of piracy in the Nation’s oldest city. Needless to say there was never a dull moment as we explored the downtown and we even ran into a few of Stacey’s relatives who were in town for the wedding!

My favorite area was Aviles St. There, Stacey gave Matt a surprise present that she had for him. Matt was completely surprised as he read her card and opened the box. She gave him a lovely watch that he had always wanted.

These two are completely in love and being around them you can’t help but smile. The next day they were married on the beach under sunny skies and surrounded by loved ones. Their Wedding Highlight Post will be up this week!

Enjoy! – Katie K.

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