Kinnon & Oliver Married on Nantucket – First Congregational Church & The White Elephant

– Kinnon & Oliver –


Kinnon & Oliver were married Nov. 2nd 2013 at The First Congregational Church and had their reception at The White Elephant. They had a particularly exciting week leading up to their wedding as they had arrived but in true New England style there was a storm brewing. As I spoke with Kinnon that week she was very calm and kept saying that no matter what they were just excited for the big day! I always remind my couples that there’s never a reason to worry about weather because there just isn’t anything we can do about it! From Kinnon…”Due to gale force winds on Friday, flights and ferries were canceled. All of our guests went to great lengths in terms of transportation in order to make it to our wedding. The travel woes just added to the excitement of the weekend and Oliver and I cheered every time we heard news of someone making it onto the island! ” This positive attitude that Kinnon as is shared by Oliver, they are an inspiration as they are always smiling and spreading love to everyone around them!

I asked Kinnon about how they met and then how they planned their Nantucket Wedding….”We met at Pocomo Beach, Nantucket,  in the summer of 2003 when we were both still in high school. We always remained friends and began dating a number of years later in New York.  Nantucket is special to us because it is where we first met and have made many amazing memories with families and friends going all the way back to when we were kids. Oliver is head over heels in love with Nantucket and I always joked that if I didn’t want to get married on the island, there wouldn’t have been a wedding!”

Later they were engaged and started planning their wedding….”We wanted everything to be in one central location so that our guests could walk everywhere and wouldn’t have to use transportation. We love the White Elephant because it is right on the harbor and has delicious food. Speaking of food, our tables were all named after restaurants that have special meaning to us – places where we had our first date, brunch after we got engaged, and many other celebrations.”

As luck did have it the storm rolled through and by the wedding day there wasn’t a breath of wind and we had gorgeous soft light for their photos. This time of year we have shorter days so we made the most of every moment after their afternoon ceremony. We rode in Oliver’s shiny red Bronco down to The Brant Point Lighthouse and took photos all around the beach. Right on cue the slow ferry cruised by and they honked the horn when they saw us on the beach to congratulate the newlyweds. Nantucket is such a special place!

From there we greeted their guests and family at The White Elephant as they kicked off  their reception with a fun dance set by The Sultans of Swing. Kinnon & Oliver love to dance and their timeline had little dance sets sprinkled throughout dinner and into the night. At one point it was so hot on the dancefloor that they rolled up the awning siding and people were dancing out on the lawn….in November no less! An absolute highlight was also seeing Tim, the best man, get on the mic and sing ‘Can’t Hold Us’ by Macklemore….he was absolutely awesome!! Together with The Sultan’s of Swing they had the entire room dancing and cheering!Here’s to another fabulous fall wedding! I asked them about their favorite memory of the night….

“Our favorite memory of the night is when we did our first dance to “You are the best thing” by Ray LaMontagne. We hadn’t really practiced at all but I knew I could rely on Oliver’s usual over-the-top spinning and dancing to get us through. It was so special to be surrounded by huge smiles from our friends and family.”

Kinnon & Oliver come to Nantucket every chance they get  and I look forward to seeing them cruising the shiny red Bronco  next summer as husband and wife! congratulations to them!!

Enjoy! – Katie K.

Wedding Coordinator: Jimmy Jaksic, Flowers: A close family friend; Suzanne Codi, Hair & Makeup: Darya’s Salon, Ceremony: First Congregational Church, Officiant: Reverend Gary Kingsporn, Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography, Band: The Sultans of Swing, Reception: The White Elephant

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