What do we do on Nantucket in the Winter? We have Adventures! Ice Boating at Hummock Pond 2016


People always ask us….’What do you do on Nantucket in the winter?’ or, ‘What was it like to grow up there?’ I am always excited to tell them of our adventures, Ice Skating, Beach Adventures, Riding Horses….and sometimes I think the question should be “What don’t we do in the Winter on Nantucket?” Growing up here was amazing, I have so many fun memories as our parents always kept it interesting and exciting for us. So many adventures and yet there’s a first time for everything!

So flash forward to yesterday, Valentine’s Day 2016 and one of the coldest days of the Winter so far. My friend https://medfitnetwork.org/public/xanax-alprazolam-details/ Amanda and I went for a drive, looking at all the crazy ice in Madaket…..then we ran into two of our good friends Jimmy Sjolund and Matt Anderson. Two of our favorite salty local buddies. They told us they had just been Ice Boating over at Hummock Pond so we immediately went back over to the pond with them. The light was amazing, the laughter was non-stop and the wind was dying but it made for an incredible evening. I loved photographing this so much! What a magical day!

Enjoy! – Katie K.

IceBoating_002_KatieKaizerPhotography IceBoating_003_KatieKaizerPhotography IceBoating_004_KatieKaizerPhotography IceBoating_005_KatieKaizerPhotography IceBoating_006_KatieKaizerPhotography IceBoating_007_KatieKaizerPhotographyIceBoating_008_KatieKaizerPhotography IceBoating_009_KatieKaizerPhotography IceBoating_010_KatieKaizerPhotography IceBoating_011_KatieKaizerPhotography IceBoating_012_KatieKaizerPhotography IceBoating_013_KatieKaizerPhotography IceBoating_014_KatieKaizerPhotography

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  1. Charlie Davis says:

    Awesome! Great memories for me as well, except we used to ice boat and skate on Maxie’s and Capaum Ponds! Can still feel the little four-runners on my feet! Ask your mom!


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