Congratulations Magdalena & Rob!! A Lovely Fall Wedding at American Seasons! So happy for this amazing Nantucket Couple!!


Magdalena and Rob were married October 30th 2015 at American Seasons. This Nantucket Couple couldn’t be sweeter and we are all so very happy for them! They had a beautiful fall day for  their wedding and I absolutely loved photographing them at some of our favorite Nantucket Locations. I knew they wanted something a little different and The Oldest House was absolutely amazing for them with beautiful fall colors and gorgeous light. Here’s a little more about how they met and how they chose their venue here on Nantucket… “I always had a crush on Rob and my co-worker knew about it, one day I mentioned wanting to go on a date with a nice guy that would take me out to dinner and knew how to laugh. She set us up and the rest is history! American Seasons was the setting for our first date, it was the first time I had been there and we sat at the little table in the corner.  It was the best date I had ever been on, so relaxed and fun.  Our relationship continues to be that way every day, we feel so lucky! The patio at Seasons is magical with all the ivy growing and the lanterns; David M. Handy made it into an enchanted little forest for our wedding day, it was breathtaking.  The interior of the restaurant is so cozy and romantic, we sat at the same little table by candlelight and watched our friends and family smile and laugh.  It was pure joy from beginning to end.”

The day was filled with laughter and lots of beautiful moments. Their ceremony was intimate and beautiful as they exchanged personal and heartfelt vows. I loved that they wanted to make a quick trip over to the beach for even more portraits after the ceremony. We timed it just right for pretty sunset light and beautiful evening skies. We were able to photograph the couple on a beautiful beach staircase which provided unique and beautiful setting for more of their portraits. Here’s more from the newlyweds about their day and their favorite moments….

“For both Rob and I the most emotional part of the evening was his daughters toast, Kelly really spoke from the heart and it meant so much to both of us to have her stand up in front of everyone and be so open and honest- it was really beautiful.  Having all three kids be part of the day was very important to us, Jamie as Best Man, Kelly as Maid of Honor and Jacob as the Best Skinny Man (his nickname). The moment that provided the most comic relief was when I was getting ready; in the midst of all the running around we couldn’t find the belt for my dress, my Mom, Sister and Kelly were searching everywhere with no luck and time was running out.  It was very important to me to have the belt because my Mom spent hours making it herself, every pearl and crystal was sewn by hand.  My Mom left the hotel to go find it, hoping she left it at her accommodations but when I decided to take a second look it was in the hotel room the whole time.  Of course she left her phone and we ended calling her friends to tell her to come back!  Meanwhile Rob was waiting downstairs for the first look, little did he know the chaos going on upstairs!  The belt will now be part of history and one day I hope to pass it down. Another favorite moment was The First look! I couldn’t stand it when I had to wait for Katie to give me the green light!  It was so exhilarating to finally see each other and it made everything so real I wanted to stop time in that moment.  The pictures were so fun at the Oldest House, when I asked Katie to find us natural settings that were not your typical Nantucket scenery, she really hit the nail on the head.  It was the perfect spot with all of the beautiful fall colors and trees surrounding us.”

I would have to agree with them that The Oldest House was a true highlight of the day. Many thanks to The Nantucket Historical Association for all that they do and for preserving beautiful places like this! This time of year is truly magical as the seasons change and we are surrounded by pretty fall colors. I had known Magdalena through our mutual Nantucket Friends and it’s needless to say I feel as though we have so many great new friends  after this wedding, most of all Magdalena and Rob! They were such a pleasure to work with and their whole day was amazing.  It was also so much fun working with our some of our favorite Nantucket Vendors to make this day extra special!  David M. Handy Events made American Seasons even more magical for their evening.

“At the end of the weekend everyone said they hadn’t stopped smiling for three days, from the Welcome Dinner, to the Ceremony to Brunch- for Rob and I having our friends and family be so happy is the best gift, in life you don’t get to have those moments with everyone on a daily basis and we are so grateful to each person who shared in this special time with us.  We both keep looking at each other and saying it was the best time ever and we would do it all again in a heartbeat!”

Thank you to Magdalena and Rob for having us as part of your special day!! We look forward to seeing you around Nantucket!!

Special thanks to the very talented Kathryn Kennedy for joining me to photograph this wedding!!

Venue: American Seasons, Event Designer: David M. Handy Events, Florals: Flowers on Chestnut  & David M. Handy Events, Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography,  Hair & Makeup: Darya and Sarah at Darya’s Salon & Spa, Cake: Petticoat Row Bakery, Wedding Chocolates: Ambrosia, Dress: Tara Keely, Shoes: Badgley Mischka, Rings:Viggi, Officiant: Alda Maturi, Family Friend, Groom’s Attire: Armani


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Thank you Magdalena and Rob! Kathryn and I loved capturing you day and we look forward to seeing you soon on Nantucket!


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