Susan and Mike’s Cape Cod Wedding


Susan and Mike had a beautiful Cape Cod day for their wedding in late May! This was my first wedding of the season and much to my delight it was a wedding with many familiar faces! Susan and my Mother grew up on Nantucket and have been friends since day one, and I grew up close friends with her son Russell. Currently Susan lives on the Cape but she still comes to Nantucket very often! During one of her visits last year she introduced me to Mike and I was so happy to see them smiling together and excited about their new found happiness with each other. It wasn’t too long after that Susan told us they were getting married and we were all over joyed for them! When Susan asked me to photograph their wedding and I was thrilled, it’s such an honor to photograph a wedding for such a close family friend who is near and dear to our hearts.

I’m always so excited to hear about how two people come together…..I suppose you never really know where life will take you or you might meet when you are out for a night with a friend…..I just love the story of how they met….”Mike and I met just a year ago at Jake Rooneys in Harwich Port. I was there with a girlfriend, Ann, for the first time to dance to a great band playing our high school hits. Mike was there after work to grab dinner and a beer and someone introduced us….while I was writing something on a napkin, he said ‘you were going to ask for my number, right?’. And the rest is history. We had our first date 2 days later. And celebrated a year a week before the wedding. We are only 4 days apart so have had the same life experiences, just paralleling all these years until we met!”

As we talked about plans for the wedding day she told me about this lovely place called Long Beach. We decided it would be perfect for photos before the wedding. We had a great time over at the beach with Susan’s son Russell, his girlfriend Tram, Betsey Minihan (Maid of Honor) and Mike Jr. (Mike’s son, the best man). With blue skies and sunshine we had some beautiful moments out on the beach. Afterwards we all gathered in a beautiful courtyard for the ceremony. Susan and Mike took great care in picking out the perfect places to spend their special day. “Long Beach is special because it was individually our favorite beach on the Cape…and we were delighted to learn that about each other. Mike suggested it for our photos and I was sold. We often walk there as it is only a few minutes drive from our house. We knew that Katie would like it because it has a bit of everything: pine trees, boardwalk, beach, beach grass, flowers and lots of dappled light, sunshine and shade.We chose Il Maestro because we wanted Italian food including a Tuscan antipasto Table (we are regulars there for the meatballs and chicken parmigiana). It has a lovely outside plaza and fountain that reminds me of Italy. I had hoped the service could be outside and the weather cooperated beautifully!”

The ceremony was indeed, beautiful!  They were married by Susan’s longtime friend Bill Ferrall. He welcomed everyone by singing his rendition of a famous song from ‘Oklahoma’ he sang…”Oh what a beautiful couple! Oh what a beautiful Wedding!” It was one of those truly unique moments that none of us will ever forget!  It was a special ceremony for so many reasons, many life long friends together and generations present to wish them well with support and love.  From Susan….”The day brought together my friends (some since age 5 like Katie’s mom) from Nantucket, newer Cape friends, my family, Mikes family, long distance pals…I got teary as my son walked me to the fountain, feeling all the love that was there. I have never had so much fun at a wedding. When you can say that about your own wedding that’s huge!”

Susan said it perfectly. One of the things I love the most about growing up on Nantucket is the close knit community, the way you grow up with friends and realize that your family has been friends with theirs for generations. You really get to know your parent’s friends and before long you are all out on the dance floor together. There were several moments though out the day I teared up, the vows during the ceremony were so beautiful. There were also moments on the dance floor that were totally magical. Scott Rosenthal from Cape tunes played all the right songs and everyone danced all night. When “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant’ and ‘Piano Man’ by Billy Joel played we saw Mike’s Kids gather around he and Susan and sing along to what was clearly one of their favorite ballads. The night was about two families becoming one and the celebration of two people who couldn’t be more deserving of the love they have found. It was so special to be at the wedding with my good friend Kathleen Minihan (The Maid of Honor, Betsey’s daughter) and Susan’s son Russell, as we all grew up together… one point Kathleen leaned over and said “I really hope we are all this close when we all get older”….. I assured her we would be, after all, we’ve had the best examples set for us by our incredible parents. That said, I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to live up to their dance moves, but we can certainly learn from the best!

Thank you Susan and Mike for having us as part of your wedding and your lives. Thank you for trusting me to capture your beautiful day and to tell your story. We are all so happy for you and wishing you a beautiful future as you carry on together in this journey of life.

Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography, DJ: Scott Rosenthal, Cape Tunes, Flowers: Bee & Blossom, Hyannis, Venue: Il Maestro Ristorante, Hyannis, Dress: Vintage Skirt from Vintage in Vogue, Orleans; top – handmade by the bride, Hair & Makeup: Hair by Thom Koon of The Hair Concern, Nantucket, Officiant: Bill Ferrall

Enjoy! – Katie K.

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8 replies
  1. Betsey Minihan says:

    KK – Wow best pictures truly, you are an artist. The best part is how you do you job without making it look like work, you’re having fun and getting the job done. Seamless perfection! The best!

  2. Thea Kaizer says:

    Katie K….you are just amazing once again…I so feel the love and the wonderment of such a beautiful intimate wedding!! So SO proud of your beautiful work!!

  3. Mary Imogen Grimmer says:

    Wonderful! So glad u posted these. From start to finish: gorgeous, joyous, moment-seizing! Make me want to get married ( or at least have a wedding). Susan & Mike! Congrats again! And I adore those earrings! PS/ where is the brick plaza and fountain?

  4. Tommy Dott says:

    These are truly the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Way to carture the beauty, the peaceful times and the craziness. I loved looking at these ALMOST as much as being there!

  5. Norma Buckley says:

    What a fun wedding it was! I so enjoyed seeing Susan and Mike tie the knot. Thanks so much for sharing these. Katie, you did an amazing job. I agree with Mary – makes me want to get married! If I ever do, Katie will have to take the pics.


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