Lupines, Laughter and Sunshine – Nantucket Portrait Session with The Ruley Twins


I absolutely adore our friends The Ruley Family. I’ve been photographing them over the years, sometimes the whole family, all the cousins or even just a shoot with the twins. Madeleine and Charlotte were actually part of my first portfolio back at The New England School of Photography!

When Meg and I were coming up with a plan for this session I knew we had to go explore the flower fields and then chase the sunset over at Cisco Beach. The girls have always loved the outdoors, they are lucky to grow up here with amazing parents who always have always taken them out into nature to explore our beautiful island. The girls were all smiles as we ran around, danced in the sunshine and they even found a few snails! Their free spirit and sense of humor always makes for wonderful portrait sessions!

After the flowers we went to Cisco for a beautiful sunset. There was more laughs, dancing, twirling running and smiles as the sun went down.  The girls played their Ukulele for me and I was super impressed. They are even busking down on Main St. form time to time so you might see them in town!

From Meg…. “It is so nice that you have been able to capture Madeleine and Charlotet over the years and they are very comfortable with you which comes across in the photos! Thank you Katie K!”

Many thanks to you all as I am honored to be part of your lives!  These girls are so much fun! It’s going to be another great season of Family Portraiture on Nantucket!!

Enjoy! – Katie K.



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This session was all about the twins but of course we had to end the evening with a full family portrait! Love you guys!! – Katie K.


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