Sarah & Tom’s Summer Wedding on Nantucket

Sarah and Tom were married on July 23rd 2016. They had a beautiful ceremony at The Big House on Wherowhero Lane. They had a day full of blue skies, sunshine and lots of laughter! After the ceremony we went to Miacomet Beach for champagne and portraits which quickly turned into some really fun photos of the newlyweds on the lifeguard stand!

Sarah and Tom met a few years ago in Boston….“We met on a blind date in August 2014 in Boston Massachusetts. Our second date was for Sarah’s birthday weekend which lasted four days and then we were inseparable.”

Tom had gotten in touch with me originally through a mutual friend, Kritsen Kellogg, and I immediately knew we would have a great time photographing their wedding. Tom and Sarah have a love for the island and all that it offers. I loved hearing more about their connection to Nantucket…

“Nantucket is special because everyone on the island, whether friends or strangers, feel like they’re part of an exclusive party and connected to one another. I‘ve been visiting the island for about 10 years.  I’ve introduced Sarah to this Island and she has fallen in love with it through Daffodil Weekends, birthday weekends in the fall and someday we hope to own a second home on the island.”

There were so many memorable parts of this evening. I loved hearing about what was special to the newlyweds! It was no surprise that they wrote about the wild dance party they had! “Having family and friends and both sides come as one was one of the best parts of the wedding. Sarah really loved being walked down the aisle by her father and her father officiating the actual wedding ceremony. We all love dancing on the under the lights on the porch and then heading into The Boardinghouse where we continued the dance party there, shaking the foundation and having so much fun and laughter.”

The wedding was definitely one we’ll never forget! After lots of dancing the night ended with a sparkler send off and I ended up on the roof to get a few special photos of teveryone! We are so happy for Sarah and Tom and I know we’ll be seeing them soon on Nantucket!!

Special Thanks to Kathryn Kennedy for joining me to photograph this wedding!

Catering: Nantucket Clambake Company, Ceremony + Reception: The Big House,  Music: Perfect Nantucket Events by Billy Voss, Officiant: James D. Thomas (Bride’s Father), Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography, Flowers: Meagan Anacko Cake: Brittany Divine, Bridal Hair + Makeup: Emily Nantucket Makeup Artist, Wedding Dress: Anne Barge Black Label Runway Collection, Bride’s Jewelry: Kate Spade,  Groom’s Suite: Custom Suit by Holland & Sherry, Groom’s Shoes and Belt: Cole Haan, gift from one of Tom’s groomsmen/president of Cole Haan, Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yo; The Annabelle

Enjoy! – Katie K.
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