Sarah & Mitch’s Nantucket Wedding at The Oldest House



Sarah and Mitch were married Saturday September 3rd 2016 surrounded by their immediate families. Sarah works for The Nantucket Historical Association and one of their historical properties, The Oldest House, was the perfect place for Sarah and Mitch to be married.  The location has a special romantic energy and perhaps that is because In 1686 the house was originally given as a wedding gift to Bride and Groom Mary Gardner and Jethro Coffin. The Mulberry Tree they stood under was also very special as Mitch has taken care of it as he is an arborist here on Nantucket.

I loved everything about this wedding ceremony. They prepared a Tree Planting and they included all of their family members. Together everyone helped plant an Avocado Tree and used soil they had brought from each of their home towns. Sarah and Mitch also chose this beautiful quote as part of their ceremony….”The sum of all our evolution, our thinking and our accomplishments is love. A marriage makes two fractional lives a whole. It gives to two questioning natures a renewed reason for living. It brings a new gladness to the sunshine, a new fragrance to the flowers, a new beauty to the earth and a new mystery to life.” – Carl Sagan

As always I enjoyed hearing about their story, I was lucky enough to know Sarah and Mitch from early on when they started dating, though I  never knew just how they met….”We met at the Chicken Box in the heart of winter, a place where many locals have met their spouses, so we’ve learned. It was important for us to get married on Nantucket because we met here. Our parents had never met each other until our wedding weekend, so the island made for a beautiful place for them to meet each other.  For our location, The Oldest House, there were several factors that drew is in. Sarah works for The Nantucket Historical Association and the Oldest House is one of their beautiful properties. Another is the fact the house itself was originally a wedding gift. Getting married under the mulberry was the icing on top. As an arborist I (Mitch) respect the beauty of this giant mulberry and actually had the privilege of pruning it last spring, not knowing at the time that we would be getting married under it.”

Sarah and Mitch are soul mates and best friends. As they read vows to each other it was clear to see that this is the kind of love that only comes along once in a lifetime if we are lucky. I asked each of them what they loved the most about their special day….

From Sarah…”My favorite part is when the ceremony began and I was walking towards you. It suddenly became so real that we were doing this and I’ll never forget the look on you face, pure joy.”

Not surprisingly Mitch had a similar response…

From Mitch “Not far from Sarah’s favorite part, mine was seeing Sarah for the first time all day looking stunning and walking toward me while the epic theme song from Jurassic Park was playing.”

After the ceremony at The Oldest House we stopped by Steps Beach for a few photos before they met their families at Something Natural where they enjoyed a beautiful meal prepared by The Green.

I am incredibly honored to have photographed such a special wedding and to be part of such an intimate day. We wish Sarah and Mitch a lifetime of happiness and I’m thankful we will see them around on Nantucket! They are the kind of people who make this island even better and I’m so happy to know them!

Special thanks to Kathryn Kennedy for joining me to photograph this wedding!

 Ceremony site: The Oldest House, The Nantucket Historical Association, Officiant: Betsy Tyler, Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography, Catering: The Green, Dinner site: Something Natural, Hair and Makeup: Darya Salon, Flowers: Betsey Brooks Floral & Design,  Planters: Sunshine Gardening , Wedding Dress: Kite and Butterfly
Enjoy! – Katie K.


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