Sarah & Jon’s Nantucket Wedding – The White Elephant Village Ballroom & Private Residence


Sarah and Jon were married September 4th 2016. The couple planned their wedding festivities for Labor Day Weekend and had originally planned to be married at The Jetties Beach. For the few days leading up to the wedding, Tropical Storm Hermine was approaching Nantucket bringing along very strong winds. We ended up with an amazing silver lining as their wonderful planner, Aisling Glynn of Acktivities, found them a new ceremony venue at the last minute….the brand new White Elephant Village Ballroom. This was the first wedding at the Ballroom and we look forward to many more! The space was beautiful and was the perfect setting for Sarah and Jon to be married.

After the ceremony we still made a visit to Fisherman’s Beach for a few portraits. At the beach Sarah and Jon had a few moments to themselves and I loved how they embraced the wind from Tropical Storm Hermine as Sarah’s veil danced around in the sunshine! Sarah and Jon absolutely love the beach and Nantucket! They had a reception at her families home on Surfside Road and it was such a treat to be part of this wedding! I have photographed the Greenwald Family a few summers ago and they are a fun and very tight knit family! I loved hearing more from Sarah about the time they spend here and the connection to Nantucket….”I grew up spending Summer’s on Nantucket, and now we spend as much time here together as we can.  Together I can’t see ever tiring of the island- always some new little adventure or special find. We aim to see as many sunsets from the sand as possible! Our venue was my parents home there- our roots in Nantucket. We loved hearing our secret letters about one another read out loud during the ceremony.”

The entire day was absolutely amazing. We loved hearing both sets of parents give speeches together. Everyone kept laughing as they told more of the story of Sarah and Jon. From what we know and have learned they are an incredible team, best friends and a couple who has a lifetime of happiness ahead! We said our good byes after their speeches  but I have no doubt that their evening went on to be a fun dance party! We loved meeting everyone and truly enjoyed being part of such a beautiful celebration!

Special thanks to Cary Tozer for joining me to photograph this wedding!

Event Planner: Aisling Glynn, ACKtivities, Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography, Catering: Simply With Style, Hair: Elaine O’ Keefe, Make Up: YG Make Up, Ceremony: White Elephant Village Ballroom, Floral Design: Mary Beth Ferro Floral Design, Rentals: Placesetters, Transportation: Cranberry Transportation, Cake: Jodi’s Cakes,  Lighting: Capron Sound & Lighting, DJ: James Mulry, Pressing: Sharlene Rudd, Tents: Nantucket Tents, Rehearsal Dinner Venue: Bartlett’s Farm


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