Michel and Jamie’s Intimate Sconset Wedding


It was one of those magical island days….light rain was falling and love was definitely in the air. Michel & Jamie had a beautiful intimate Wedding Ceremony at The Chanticleer in Sconset on August 3rd 2014. Jamie was born and raised on Nantucket and he met Michel in Prague 7 years ago while living abroad….they recently moved back to Nantucket together and we couldn’t be happier for them. Michel is Dutch and his family traveled over from Europe for this very special occasion.

More about this sweet couple….”I had been living in Prague for a month when I was invited to a Halloween party by a friend of mine.  I noticed Michel the moment I walked in but I was too shy to introduce myself. Instead, I took refuge by the food table, shoveling pumpkin pie in my mouth and avoiding eye contact. Luckily, he approached me! After talking all night, he asked if I wanted to go for a walk and we ended up sharing our first kiss on the Charles Bridge.  Five years later, Michel took me back to Prague and proposed at the foot of the same bridge. Romance isn’t dead!”

I loved Jamie’s story about how they met. They are truly a special couple and I am beyond honored to have been part of this special day. Jamie and I were in the same grade and good friends growing up here on Nantucket. I always knew Jamie was bound for success and now our community is so lucky to have him as a teacher at the high school. We are so happy he moved back here with the love of his life.

Michel has also fallen in love with the island…..”There is so much natural beauty here on the island. I love driving down Polpis Road or running along Cliff to Dionis Beach. Around every turn, there is another amazing view over moors or marshland. Depending on the time day, the light changes everything completely; it’s incredible. There is no place like it in the world.”

How amazing that Jamie can share his hometown with Michel and for them to start their married life here together. Nantucket has a lot of special meaning for Jamie also…..”Nantucket is where I was born, it is where my family lives, and it is where we wanted to spend the rest of our lives. From the moment we decided to get married, we knew we had to be married on the island. Once DOMA was repealed and we realized that Michel would finally be able to live in the United States, we saw our chance. The Chanticleer is so intimate and its gardens so beautiful that we thought it would be a perfect fit for our family. We couldn’t have been more right.”

As the weekend approached we were all very excited about their wedding however we knew the weather was going to be a little tricky.  I was in touch with them a lot that morning as we watched the radar and made a plan for the day. I loved Michel’s take on the whole situation….”When Jamie and I saw the green blob on the radar for our wedding day, we started to panic. But it wasn’t necessary.  Julia and Steve ran out to get umbrellas and the restaurant moved the lunch into their sun room. The rain brought everyone closer…literally. Our families huddled under the umbrellas and it made everything feel more “knus”, more intimate. It really added to the atmosphere of the day.”

He couldn’t be more right. It was an intimate and cozy ceremony as two families became one as they stood under umbrellas and watched Jamie and Michel exchange vows.

“We were so lucky to have Michel’s family here from the Netherlands for our wedding. They stayed in an amazing rental in Nashaquisset and explored every corner of the island. They have always known that Michel and I were perfect for each other, but now they understand why the island is perfect for us.”

It was such an incredible day and we are all so very happy for our sweet friends!! We had an amazing afternoon stroll around Sconset. The rain was on and off but we had the Rainbow Umbrella which made for a lot of fun during the portraits. We ended up out at the beach where we splashed around in the shore break and took in the beauty of the heavy mist over the ocean. Here’s to true love, romance and just a little bit of rain to keep things interesting! Congratulations Michel and Jamie!!

Suits: J. Crew, Officiant: Catherine Stover,  Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography, Venue: The Chanticleer, Rings: Brown & Newirth London

Enjoy! – Katie K.

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Congratulations Michel and Jamie!! I truly loved being part of this special day!!


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