Meghan and Zach’s Engagement Session on Nantucket – Cisco & Steps Beach



Meghan and Zach are getting married this October on Nantucket at The Dreamland Theater. I loved meeting them recently for their engagement session! These two are so in love, they were all smiles and they were a pleasure to photograph as they were constantly laughing and having fun with each other. We had a great evening as we started the session out in Cisco area and then headed over to Steps Beach.

How they met….”Zach had just moved down to Gainesville, Fl to begin his Emergency Medicine Residency and I had already lived there for 3 years attending graduate school.  It was the fourth of July and he had just finished an overnight shift but wanted to still celebrate, so he went to hangout by the pool in our apartment complex.  That’s where we met! I was one of the few people there who didn’t have a child, so he came up to me to introduce himself. We ended up ordering in dinner and watching the fireworks.  I guess you can say there were fireworks when we first met literally and figuratively.”

When I met them out in Cisco at the house they were renting with Zach’s family it was one of those  foggy and beautiful Nantucket evenings. They were talking about how much they loved Nantucket and also this area of the island.

From Meghan…..”Zach and his family have been vacationing in Nantucket ever since he was little and I started tagging along once we began dating.  Besides Nantucket being absolutely beautiful, I think one of the reasons we love it so much is because it reminds us of family. “

I am looking forward to seeing these two again in the fall and being part of their wedding festivities!

Enjoy! – Katie K.

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