Jess & Jamie’s Gorgeous Nantucket Wedding – The Sconset Chapel & Family Residence in Squam


 Jess and Jamie were married on July 12th 2014. They had a gorgeous summer day and were surrounded by friends and family from around the world. Jess is from Australia and Jamie’s family has been summering here since the 1960’s. Having just spent the winter in Australia I loved meeting everyone and hearing more about how Jess and Jamie met over on the other side of the world….

“Jamie and I met in Australia just over three years ago when he was sent from his company’s San Francisco office to Sydney for a temporary assignment. What was originally a 6 to 9 month stay ended up being almost a 3 year stay. Jamie and I became fast friends, and travelled in Asia together, first to Thailand and later to Bali and also enjoyed a number of trips along the coast of Australia. We shared, and continue to share, our passion for fitness, travel and trying to outdo each other in the kitchen.”

After meeting Jess and Jamie for their engagement session I knew they were truly best friends and meant to spend their lives together. I loved their story. They had already had a civil service but since Nantucket was so special to them they new they wanted to share this place with their family and friends for what would be a truly amazing Nantucket Wedding…’s more about their story…..

“I asked Jess to marry me at Whale Beach, a beautiful beach location just north of Sydney – in April 2013. We were married just a few months later on the 29th of June in a civil ceremony (basically at Australia’s DMV, where a “marriage in progress” sign tells those in the waiting room to keep quiet!). We were surrounded by several close friends and family members, as we had decided to have a proper wedding celebration with all of our family and friends this year in Nantucket.”

They had a beautiful wedding ceremony at The Sconset Chapel followed by a reception at Jamie’s Grandfather’s home on Squam Road. The property was a quintessential Nantucket setting as the green lawn over looked the gorgeous blue ocean. We had a great time doing photos down on the beach before the night turned to toasts and lots of dancing!

During the wedding Jamie went up to give a toast and he spoke so eloquently as everyone in the room listened to his story about their family connection to Nantucket. Having been born and raised here I loved hearing about why people love the island…..

“My family has been coming up to Nantucket since the early 1960’s, when my Dad spent some time here during the summers. My Grandparents rented for several summers at different locations around the island before finding a place at 89 Squam Road in Wauwinet, named “Long Water Run.” They knew they found something special. This would be the focal point of our lives on Nantucket for the next decade plus. This is where we learned to fly kites, where we would set up our own car wash and charge parents for hosing down the car. It’s where my grandmother taught us to love the ocean and it’s healing power. It’s been the center of our family life in this wonderful place. The walls of these houses, the grasses of the lawn and the sand on that beach have all seen many smiles and now has been the site of 4 weddings. This is the place that I most wanted to share with Jess when I realized how important she was going to be in my life.”

Jess and Jamie had it all on their wedding day. They had one of those perfect Nantucket Summer days with sunshine and blue skies. The evening was topped off with a surprise fireworks show (thanks to Uncle Britt and Cousin Andrew!). The entire day was memorable and Jamie shared a few things that he’ll never forget….

“Seeing my wife walk down the aisle. She just looked amazing and it felt surreal that I was the one she was going to marry. We were also thankful for the weather. It was truly perfect and highlighted to all visiting guests why Nantucket is so amazing. I’m sure my Grandmother is the one to thank for that perfect day.”

“When I looked around I saw people from different parts of our lives sitting together talking and laughing with each other. Many of these people had never met before. It felt good to know that these people all got along so well. Friends and family all agreed that it was great to meet everyone from the different parts of our lives.”

It was a beautiful summer wedding and I look forward to seeing Jess and Jamie on Nantucket for years to come!

Special thanks to Cary Tozer for joining me to photograph this wedding!

Hair & Makeup:  O&M NYC and RJ Miller Salon, Dress: Australian Designer Wendy Makin, Dress Tailored by Williamsburg Seamster, Shoes: Badgley Mischka, Ceremony: Sconset Chapel, Reception: Jamie’s Grandparent’s place on Squam Road, Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography, Coordinator: Jimmy Jaksic, Florist: Soiree Floral, Catering: Nantucket Catering Company, Rings: Tiffany’s, Band: The Sultans of Swing

Enjoy! – Katie K.


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  1. Paul Allison says:

    Congratulations. A fabulous day for a fabulous couple, (better than the Aussie version last year!). Good on you both and here’s wishing you both a long and happy life together. God bless you. Panam


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