Liza and Brian’s Nantucket Wedding – The Chanticleer


Liza and Brian were married September 21st 2014 at The Chanticleer on Nantucket. The couple loves Sconset and The Chanticleer’s beautiful gardens and intimate space made for a perfect backdrop for their wedding day.

We learned during the speeches that these two have many things in common. They have amazingly positive outlooks on life and they also love sports! It’s no surprise they met doing something they love….”We met five years ago while playing on a recreational soccer team together in NYC.  We were lacing up our cleats before our first game together and made eye contact and immediately noticed each other.  Later that night following the match we sang karaoke together to Extreme’s, ‘More Than Words’ and started hanging out.”

When I first spoke to Liza about their wedding we realized we had several mutual friends from Nantucket! I love the island connection and enjoyed hearing about why they love Nantucket…”Liza’s family has been vacationing in Nantucket since the early 80’s.  Her father and step mother had a home for many years on Hinckley Lane off Cliff Road.  Brian similarly grew up spending summers on desolate Northern California beaches from Point Reyes to Mendocino County.  When we were deciding on a setting for the wedding we knew that we wanted to have a destination wedding on the beach.  Nantucket’s beaches and natural beauty were a perfect fit.  When we first visited the Chanticleer we immediately fell in love with its charming gardens and amazing cuisine.”

These two had an intimate wedding and were able to truly connect with everyone there. The ceremony was so special as Liza’s mother started the ceremony by performing an Opening Sacred Space Ritual that invites spirits and ancestors to be with us and bless the space for the ceremony.

“There were a lot of memorable moments.  Family is very important to both of us.  We had a small wedding party and this allowed for a lot of contact with all of our guests.  I think that we both felt that having the ceremony and reception in such an intimate setting as the Chanticleer allowed both of us to have a lot of contact with all of our families and friends.  Everyone was unanimous in expressing their happiness for us and enjoyment of the atmosphere and each other’s company.”

Originally the couple had planned on a beach wedding and for many people the rain would be a challenge but instead we watched Brian and Liza take it all in stride and adapt to the change in plans. They truly enjoy their day. Sure the rain showed up, but they were all smiles and laughter the entire day. I’m so inspired by their positive energy and love for life! The evening was cozy as they were married at one of the island’s most romantic places surrounded by close friends and family. It was a pleasure photographing them and we had so many laughs as we all navigated the gardens with umbrellas in hand:)

“Although we were initially sad that it rained, looking back we realize that this allowed for more interaction with our guests and that our vows and the speeches could be heard more clearly.  The pictures with umbrellas turned out to be a great idea and a lot of fun.  This was our first lesson in marriage, which is that sometimes things don’t go as planned but end up beautiful in the end.”

We loved being part of this wedding and look forward to seeing Liza and Brian on Nantucket again soon!

Wedding Planner: Unique Nantucket Events, Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography, 2nd Photographer: Kathryn Kennedy, Acoustic Guitar and DJ: Billy Voss of Perfect Nantucket Events, Transportation: Nantucket Island Tours, Rehearsal Dinner: Company of the Cauldron, Ceremony and Reception: The Chanticleer, Tables and Lighting Rentals: Nantucket Tents, Floral Design: Flowers on Chestnut, Linen Rentals: Placesetters Inc., Cake: Kelley Badger, Hair and Makeup: RJ Miller Salon, Wedding Dress: Ivy & Aster, Bridesmaid Dresses: Amsale, Groom’s Suit: J. Crew, Groom & Groomsmen’s Ties: Vineyard Vines, Wedding Rings: Paul DeBlassie, Officiant: Richard Elliott

Enjoy! – Katie Kaizer

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