Kate and Gregg’s Nantucket Wedding – The Sankaty Head Golf Club


Kate and Gregg were married Sept. 27th 2014 at The Sankaty Head Golf Club. They had a gorgeous sunny day for their fall wedding on Nantucket. Meeting Katie and Gregg was such a pleasure and we absolutely loved being part of their wedding weekend! These two are absolutely meant to be together and we enjoyed hearing about the night they met…”We met at a bar in Manhattan on a freezing cold night in January 2010. Gregg and his roommate (one of our groomsmen!) had exchanged numbers with one of my best friends (and bridesmaids!) the weekend before. I thought I was playing the role of wingman, but Gregg and I had such an instantaneous connection. With some encouragement from our friends we spent that entire night dancing and laughing. Been together ever since.”

The lawn out at Sankaty was truly perfect for their ceremony. As it turns out Katie and Gregg were initially attracted to The Sankaty Head Golf Club for it’s beautiful landscape and also because it is very special to their family…”Looking back it seems a little fated that we ended up getting married at The Sankaty Head Golf Club. Initially we picked it because the views were beautiful and it really fit our laid back personalities. Funnily enough we have had a painting of the Sankaty Head clubhouse (including the lawn where we had our ceremony) hanging in our apartment for the last two years. Gregg’s grandfather, who was president of The Sankaty Head Golf Club in the 70’s, had painted it. The painting was meant to go to Gregg as an eventual wedding gift, but it got passed down a little early. We’re quite happy with the way it turned out, and love the family history.”

Kate and Gregg love Nantucket and especially Sconset. Gregg’s family owns a home right next to The Sconset Chapel where the couple shared their first look. The couple was emotional and so happy to see each other as Kate rounded the corner in her stunning dress. From there we walked around Sconset and I loved photographing them in one of their favorite places on earth!

“Gregg’s family has had a place in Sconset for three generations. His parents got married here, as did his sister and brother-in-law. With siblings living on three different continents, Nantucket is somewhat of a home base for the Bells. On top of this, early in our relationship, Gregg took me up to ACK to meet his family. Not to be overly sentimental, but it’s a place where we really got to know each other even better. It is literally our ‘happy place’. When it came to planning the wedding, it meant a lot to continue the tradition and family history here. Now every time we ride down Polpis we can look up at the club and think about how awesome our wedding day was.”

After the day has happened it’s always wonderful to hear about what really stood out to the couple. Of course the whole day is memorable and amazing but I loved hearing about Kate and Gregg’s extra special memory….”There was a moment after walking up the aisle/the recessional where we stopped and turned around to take in everything that had just happened. The lighting and music were perfect, which seemed to magnify the sentiment of the moment. It was so cool to have all of our friends and family there celebrating along with us.”

The day was truly perfect and as the sun sank lower over the golf course we had to most amazing light. The Sankaty Head Golf Club and the infamous Sankaty Lighthouse made for a lovely backdrop for this beautiful wedding. After the sunset and heartfelt speeches everyone got up to dance the night away! Jeff Ross and The Atlantics is such a fabulous band and everyone had an amazing time! We are so happy for the newlyweds and look forward to seeing them again soon on Nantucket!

Flowers: Flowers on Chestnut, Planner: Jimmy Jaksic, Band: Jeff Ross and The Atlantics, Venue and Catering:  Sankaty Head Golf Club, Raw Bar: Spanky’s Raw Bar (508-228-9898), Invitations: Parchment Nantucket, Rings: Betteridge, Bagpiper: Cape Cod Bagpipers, Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photographer, Cake: The Nantucket Bake Shop, Hair: J. Parave & Co., Makeup: Emily Nantucket Makeup Artist

Enjoy! – Katie K.

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