Karen and Alan’s Intimate Nantucket Wedding – Sconset Beach and The Chanticleer


Karen and Alan had a beautiful intimate Wedding on Sconset Beach on August 27th 2015. The couple shares a love for travel, adventure and sailing. It seemed so perfect that they had a seaside wedding planned with a small group of guests; Alan’s two daughters and Karen’s Daughter and partner. When they originally called me I was working on a film project in the Caribbean Island of Dominica. While we spoke they told me they had been to this island and that they sail all over the world together. I loved hearing about all of their adventures together. As it turns out their love of Sailing is how they met….

“Alan and I met on a tall ship, the STS Tenacious, in Dublin, Ireland. I had done a number of voyages and was now sailing as a watchleader, Alan joined as voyage crew for his first tall ship sailing experience, and fortunately, or fate, Alan was put in my watch. We sailed from Dublin to Oban in Scotland, visiting the Isle of Mull, for a few days, on the way. Despite living 400 miles apart we became friends and 10 months later we did a tall ships race, sailing from Volos in Greece to Varna in Bulgaria. After this we became a couple and continued to sail, with memorable voyages such as a whale watching trip around the Azores, and the transatlantic from Bermuda to Southampton, England. We share a love of travel and of wildlife, and a very special trip was in November 2013, when we toured the South Island of New Zealand, where we went whale watching and penguin spotting, but the most special moment was getting engaged at the most southerly tip of South Island. Alan does a lot of travel to the USA with his job, and often he has to stay over a weekend. He then has a chance to do some site seeing. He had been whale watching in New Hampshire and heard about the whaling museum on Nantucket so last year, while on a Boston business trip, he had a chance to go to Nantucket for the day to visit The Whaling Museum. He was so taken with the island he planned a birthday trip for me to go Nantucket in August 2015.”

After meeting Karen and Alan when they arrived on island I knew we’d be having a lot of fun for their wedding day. They are the kind of couple who talks through a constant smile and stream of laughter. They are just so sweet and as we spoke they were just so overjoyed and excited for their evening in Sconset.

“When we were making plans for the wedding, I decided I would love to get married on a beach, I had lived on the coast for 35 years, and loved walking, in all weathers, along the sand and listening to the sea, so it was a very special place for me. Since we had my birthday trip to Nantucket booked, Alan suggested why don’t we get married there. We have visited many islands together so it seemed very fitting to get married on a beach on Nantucket. So plans changed, we booked flights for Alan’s daughters and my daughter and her partner. We got in touch with Nicole Weldon, a wedding planner, and the wedding was organised.”

With such a small group of 6 we had so much fun taking photos around the beach and during our stroll up to The Chanticleer. I loved hearing all about their stories and adventures together. Photographing them was wonderful as they are truly happy together and so appreciative of the island. We had such a gorgeous evening for their wedding.

“Our intimate wedding on Nantucket beach was just wonderful. There is no one memorable moment as the whole wedding and the evening at The Chanticleer was just brilliant. After a most lovely ceremony It was great fun on the beach having photos taken, drinking champagne all with Mollie playing the cello A lovely moment was when a young boy, who had been watching us, came up to me after we were married to tell me I looked beautiful, it was really nice of him. On our walk up from the beach to the Chanticleer, occupants of passing cars rolled down their windows and congratulated us. More congratulations were given from people we passed on the way and from fellow dinners at the Chanticleer. It was so lovely for all these people to acknowledge our special day, and shows what a lovely place Nantucket is. Celebrations continued into the evening at The Chanticleer. The food was wonderful. The whole day was very special.”

Wishing this wonderful couple all the best and hoping to see them next year when they return for another visit!! Congratulations Karen and Alan!

Ceremony: Sconset Beach, Officiant: Catherine Stover, Wedding Coordinator: Unique Nantucket, Cello: Mollie Glazer, Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography, Dinner: The Chanticleer, Flowers: Flowers on Chestnut Street

Enjoy! – Katie K.

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  1. Karen & Scott says:

    Huge Congratulations to the happy couple. It’s so lovely to see Karen & Alan looking so happy together – and Karen looks absolutely stunning in her dress. You’ve done their day justice with your photography and I especially love the black and white shots, they really capture the spirit of the day, thanks for sharing.


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