Stephanie and John’s Summer Wedding – Hummock Pond and The Pearl


Congratulations Stephanie and John! This lovely couple was married on August 30th 2015 and had an intimate ceremony on Hummock Pond. Stephanie’s brother, Josh, was the officiant and John’s sister, Emily, did a reading. I was so pleased when I got Stephanie’s email and so happy that they had chosen to have their intimate wedding on Nantucket. I have known Stephanie for years as we both worked summers here a while back and have many mutual friends. She always had the best energy and was truly a joy to be around. Years later I was just so happy or her and couldn’t wait to meet her fiancé John!

I loved catching up with them and hearing more  about how they met….”We met about 10 years ago in NYC. One of my  best buds from University Colorado happened to be one of John’s best buds from high school in New Jersey. Casey would come back east to visit and would spend half his time in Jersey City with John and the other half with me in Brooklyn. We met once before and John would occasionally get in touch with me to go out with him and his friends but I was doing my own thing. One fateful day, I went to pick Casey up at a bar in the lower east side and spotted John outside and we’ve been together ever since.”

I loved getting Stephanie’s email about their plans to tie the knot in Nantucket, they had made a change of plans and it all fell perfectly into place……”We were going to elope at San Francisco City Hall. John’s parents booked flights to come visit while we were in Nantucket for vacation, so we thought what the hell. We called up our siblings told them if they could make it last minute we were gonna get hitched on Nantucket in front of our parents.”

Their wedding was so beautiful and I loved how intimate the setting was. They were right on the pond, birds flying by and the beautiful sound of the distant ocean in the background. Having just their parents and siblings present was so special, I felt so honored to capture the evening for them. It was truly special. I asked them what their most memorable part of the experience was;

From the Bride….”Honestly, it was all in the planning. We literally made this wedding happen together: from the vows, to the playlist we listened to the entire night, to the wedding bouquet to even helping each other pick out our dress and suit. We are just so damn excited to be together!” From the Groom “Watching Stephanie walk down the “aisle” with her father.”

After their ceremony on the pond everyone toasted with champagne and listened to some of their favorite songs. We then stopped by Stephanie’s parent’s house quickly to cut their homemade wedding cake (by Stephanie’s Mother) and then we went to various locations for their photos. As the sunset we walked through town and over to The Pearl’s Chef Table for their dinner. It was a perfect little place for them to celebrate and have a family dinner while everyone toasted to the new couple.

Rings: Drossman Jewelers, Manahattan, NY, Dress: Haute Hippie, Suit: Ralph Lauren, Flowers: Flowers on Chestnut , Bouquette Designed by the couple, Wedding Cake: Made by the Bride’s Mom, Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography, Officiant – Bride’s brother, Venue / location: Hummock Pond / Chef’s Table at The Pearl

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