A Beautiful Summer Elopement at The Brant Point Lighthouse, Congratulations Tom and Lucas!


Tom and Lucas were married on August 17th 2015 and had a beautiful Nantucket Evening for their Wedding.  They had decided to Elope, just the two of them, and I was so honored to be a part of it. They are such a wonderful couple and we had a great evening visiting many of our favorite Nantucket locations for photos.

Tom and Lucas seemed to absolutely fall in love with Nantucket. I met them earlier in the day and asked them more about their story and how they got to this moment….turns out they met far away from the East Coast, as they were both living in Ohio. Here’s more about that evening….”Lucas and I met several years ago while we were both living in Columbus. We both happened to be at the same dive bar one afternoon and his friend started chatting me up. They made up an elaborate lie about who they were and where they were from. Fortunately Lucas was not a broker from Syracuse, NY and in fact lived just a few streets away. By the end of the night we laughed about his story, and made dinner plans for the following week.”

When Tom and Lucas got in touch with me about their wedding I was so happy to talk more with them about all the great locations we could visit for their special day. Catherine Stover was their officiant and the ceremony was exactly what they wanted. Just the two of them.  I love that they chose Nantucket for their wedding….”Since moving to Boston we have been exploring nearby cities/towns, and have fallen in love with the cape. It is a great getaway from Boston and has some of the most relaxing and scenic views in the northeast. We wanted a private, intimate, romantic ceremony and felt there would be no better place to achieve this than on Nantucket.”

After their ceremony we spent time around Brant Point, they loved the dock at The Brant Point Shell Fish Hatchery so we took a little stroll up there for more views of the harbor. From there we drove to The Lily Pond and also to The Greater Light Garden, one of my favorite NHA Properties. The Garden was the perfect back drop for a few more intimate portraits. For Sunset we went back over to Steps Beach and as we walked down the path and saw the sky we all agreed it was just stunning…….”The most memorable part of our ceremony was watching the sunset on Steps Beach. It is truly a beautiful site – the warm glow of the sun as the fog sweeps across the water.”

I am so happy for Tom and Lucas and I have a feeling we’ll see them again soon on Nantucket! I’m so glad they chose this beautiful Island for their wedding!

Rings: Cartier, Suits: Bonobos, Flowers (boutonnières): Flowers on Chestnut, Officiant: Catherine Stover, Location  – Brant Point Lighthouse, Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography

Special Thanks to The Nantucket Historical Association and The Brant Point Shellfish Hatchery for their lovely locations!

Enjoy! – Katie K.



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