Good Friday Procession – San Pedro, Belize

Greetings from Belize. Photographing communities during their traditional holidays is always my favorite way to learn about different cultures. I have been here in San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, Belize this week and it  has been very exciting between religious traditions and also the Easter celebrations on the beaches. This post is a collection from Good Friday in San Pedro.

The Good Friday Procession started at the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church. I arrived in the town square early and church was still in session. The church was full with standing room only and people were gathering slowly around the courtyard to listen in to the service and the music. As the service came to a close the streets began to fill with people who would be joining in the procession. The church emptied out and the alter boys led the procession around the town as everyone prayed and walked in two very long lines side by side. The afternoon was beautiful and I really enjoyed seeing this amazing community come together for the procession. The kids were all dressed up for the holiday, couples walked hand in hand, people gathered on their balconies to watch and everyone chanted their prayers over and over together. It was an amazing afternoon.

Enjoy – Katie K.


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  1. Brett Schwerin says:

    I enjoyed this collection. You captured the intensity of this cultural and religious holiday perfectly. I especially like the candid shots of people milling about. Thanks for bring Belize to Maryland!


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