Family Fun on Snowmass Mountain – An Afternoon with the Altmaiers

There’s nothing like a bluebird day on the mountain with family! The following is a collection from a great afternoon on Snowmass Mountain with the Altmaier Family!

Tracy Osley grew up on Nantucket and just like a sister to me. My brother and I spent many summers with her and her brothers on Nantucket working at the Sunken Ship and enjoying the beaches. Years later Tracy moved out west  to Snowmass and the rest as they say is history! When I was 16 we all went to Snowmass Village, Colorado where she married the love of her life, Gordon Altmaier. Fast forward 14 years and they have three beautiful girls and they still live just down the road from the mountain where they met and fell in love. I remember when each of their daughters were born and I can’t believe that soon they will all probably be taller than I am. Little Katie is 6, Lucy is 9 and Josie is 11. Tracy and Gordon love hiking, camping, the beach and enjoying the outdoors together, thus in the winter they ski and the girls are turning into amazing little skiers and snowboarders.

When I lived in Snowmass I taught snowboarding but usually had my camera in hand to document the fun on the mountain and the adventures of some of my private client families. Now that I’m a full time photographer I spend a great amount of time photographing families on Nantucket and elsewhere. These family portrait sessions are a lot of fun and I’m always encouraging the families to fly kites at the beach, go surfing or incorporate some sort of activity into our photo sessions. Here’s a glimpse into the life of a very special and loving family as they enjoy a day on Snowmass Mountain, a truly incredible family oriented mountain. The Altmaiers are always laughing and they spread positive energy everywhere they go.

Much love! Enjoy – Katie K.

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  1. Tracy Altmaier says:

    Katie, you are amazing and what a gift you have given us by documenting these memories. Your photography is AWESOME!


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