Amy & Anthony’s Summer Wedding in Sconset


Amy and Anthony were married on July 14th 2016 on Sconset Beach. They were surrounded by immediate family as they read the vows they wrote  for each other. Anthony’s Father brought over his ’56 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 for the wedding and it was an absolute highlight to photograph the newlyweds in the beautiful antique car! It was so nice to meet this sweet couple and I was happy to hear they will be back year after year! I asked Amy how they decided to get married here on lovely Nantucket….

“We love the beach!  Even though I’m the color of fresh snow, I like to set up under an umbrella and watch the  waves.  Occasionally I brave the sun to play games and take a dip.  Nantucket was perfect for us because it was close (we live on the south shore of Massachusetts), but still a destination.  It’s also got a relaxed vibe and that’s really what we wanted.  Now Nantucket is extra special to us and we have a great reason to go back every year!”

There were so many highlights to this amazing evening! When I arrived at The Summer House cottages to photograph Amy before the wedding there were quick rain showers but as storm clouds rolled away over the ocean the skies gave way to beautiful light and dramatic skies during their portraits. They had their sweet dog Sparky along for the wedding and he loved being out on the beach for photos!  I  also absolutely loved the bouquets by Soiree Floral, Amy’s was a Bohemian Luxe inspired Bouquet and it was absolutely stunning. I asked Amy about their most memorable parts of the day…

“I think we’ll all remember the wind on the beach for a long time…but one of the sweetest moments was after the day was over.  Anthony and I walked from the Chanticleer back to the Summer House Cottages.  It was nice to take a stroll arm-in arm through Sconset with my husband.  It was a quiet night and that area of the island is very charming – it was so romantic!  It made me happy we chose to have the wedding in that section of Nantucket.”

I loved meeting Amy and Anthony! I knew they would be fun when they asked if we could replicate a Fleetwood Mac Album Cover and also do a ‘very serious vintage posed photo!’ It was a very special evening in Sconset and I hope to see them again on Nantucket!

Officiant: Bob Brugnoli (Groom’s Father), Ceremony: Sconset Beach, Reception: The Chanticleer Nantucket , Floral Design: Soiree Floral, Photography, Katie Kaizer Photography, Cello Player: Mollie Glazer, Wedding Cottage: The Summer House, Bride’s Hair: Darya Salon & Spa, Makeup: YG Makeup


Enjoy! – Katie K.

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