Eric and Paul’s Intimate Wedding in Madaket

BLogEric&Paul_028_KatieKaizerPhotographyEric and Paul had the most beautiful Intimate Wedding in Madaket surrounded by their families. They were married on June 29th and true to Nantucket form the day was blanketed in fog with occasional bursts of sunlight through the mist. They had a beautiful ceremony officiated by their good friend Garrett Hall and standing under a beautiful Chupah that Eric’s Father had made for them. As Eric and Paul read their vows to eachother everyone teared up, myself included. From behind the camera I too was shedding happy tears as you could feel the love these two had for each other. It was such a powerful ceremony and one we will surely never forget. Eric and Paul share a love for life, each other and Nantucket.

From Eric…..”My family has been summering in Madaket since 1987, so I really grew up there. When Massachusetts allowed same-sex marriage back in 2004 I secretly dreamed I would one day be able to get married at my family’s house and at the beach I grew up going to. Paul grew up on Long Island right near Jones beach, and worked there every summer, so an east coast beach wedding was particularly exciting for him too.”

We met with Eric and Paul at Eric’s beautiful family home in Madaket and after a few photos around the property we took them to the bridge in Madaket. There we had bursts of sunlight, heavy fog and even some friendly cheering kayakers who cruised by and gave a wave. It was all very surreal and beautiful…..and we hadn’t even gotten to the ceremony yet! From there we met their immediate family and a few friends for their wedding and after they enjoyed dinner on the beach catered by Susan Warner.

“The whole day was pretty amazing, but an extra memorable part was the surprise of seeing the chupah wedding canopy that my father built himself out of Saguaro cactus splines from my parents winter house in Scottsdale, AZ.”

I don’t know if I’ll ever find the words to describe this beautiful day, so instead we will show you the photos. From the bottom of our  hearts we congratulate Eric and Paul, you are an inspiration to everyone around you and the joy you share radiates when you are together.

Special thanks to Cary Tozer for all his amazing work photographing this wedding with me!

Flowers: Flowers on Chestnut, Catering: Susan Warner Catering Nantucket Clambake Company, Lodging: 76 Main, Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography, Wedding Cookies: Petticoat Row Bakery,  Music: Guitarist Joe Greaney Music, Officiant: Eric and Paul’s good friend Garrett Hall


Enjoy! – Katie K.


BLogEric&Paul_001_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_002_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_003_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_004_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_005_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_006_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_007_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_008_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_009_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_010_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_011_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_012_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_013_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_014_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_015_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_016_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_017_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_018_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_019_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_021_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_022_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_023_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_024_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_025_KatieKaizerPhotographyBLogEric&Paul_400_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_030_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_031_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_032_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_033_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_034_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_035_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_036_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_037_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_038_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_039_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_040_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_041_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_042_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_043_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_044_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_045_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_047_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_048_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_049_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_050_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_051_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_052_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_053_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_054_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_055_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_056_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_058_KatieKaizerPhotographyBLogEric&Paul_057_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_059_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_060_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_061_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_062_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_063_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_064_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_066_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_067_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_068_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_069_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_070_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_071_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_073_KatieKaizerPhotographyBLogEric&Paul_072_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_075_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_076_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_077_KatieKaizerPhotography BLogEric&Paul_078_KatieKaizerPhotography




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  1. Roberta Russell says:

    What a fabulous wedding celebration! The photos are gorgeous, and the love between Eric and Paul and their families shines through!


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