Acholi Women of Project Have Hope

These are some of the women in the Acholi Quarter who are members of Project Have Hope. Many of them were displaced 20 years ago due to the wars in Northern Uganda and have settled here outside of Kampala in the Acholi Quarter. Upon arriving here the majority of the women had no choice but to work all day in the stone quarries chipping rock into various sizes for cement and gravel sale. This work payed less than one US dollar per day and was physically taxing on all of the women involved. Over the last six years Project Have Hope has developed a loan program and thanks to this many of the women who were once working in the quarries have been able to get vocational training, education, and means to start their own businesses. These trades include tailoring, raising livestock, and starting small businesses. Featured here are a a few of these incredible women. While here I am spending time with them daily and photographing as they work. Below are a few words about some of them but we continue to gather information and record their stories to eventually be paired with these photos to complete their member profiles.

Adibo Christine received a loan from PHH and was able to start raising pigs. As I spent time with her it became clear that she has a way with animals. The Pigs featured below are “Obama” and “Dinner.”

Adul Dorine knitting sweaters in her home. She is full filling an order for a  local school.

Adio Alice in her home working with her sewing machine.

Jacki used her loan to attend a salon training and now owns a little salon in the quarter.

Thanks to PHH’s loan Akella Paska was able to purchase her own water tank and now sells water to people in her community.

Abalo Florence in her home taking a brief break from sewing head bands.

A group photo of the 100 Women in the Acholi Quarter members of Project Have Hope. Today was their weekly meeting.

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