Project Have Hope in the Acholi Quarter – Uganda, Africa

Six years ago Karen Sparacio arrived in the Acholi Quarter as a photojournalist and after getting to know many women in the community and hearing their stories she founded Project Have Hope. The Acholi Quarter consists of about 10,000 people who were displaced from Northern Uganda during the tribal wars about 20 years ago. This non-profit works to change the lives of these women and their families encouraging them and helping them reach a brighter future.  Programs of Project Have Hope include vocational trainings, child sponsorships and education. Karen also helps the women fund raise through the sale of their beautiful hand made paper bead jewelry.  For the next few weeks there are also three volunteers here from the United States, Emma, Heidi and Mandy. They are joining Karen and the Acholi women of Project Have Hope and doing various programs within the community. I am here for the month working with and photographing Project Have Hope and community of the Acholi Quarter. When available I will also be updating the Project Have Hope blog but for now you can view them here:

Thank you – Katie Kaizer

Acholi women of Project Have Hope welcome us into the Quarter.

Peace Tile painting with the women and children.The tiles are part of fundraising efforts within Project Have Hope.

More Peace Tile painting.

Mandy and Heidi helping assemble the Peace Tiles with the women.

Working in the stone quarries  of the quarter is the source of income for many.

My lovely host Santina in her home.

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  1. Jami says:

    Great photos. I’m a friend of Mandys and found you via her new blog.
    I love seeing and hearing about your time over there.

    Take care,

  2. Linda M. Davis says:

    What a wonderful experience Katie! I am so very proud of you! Enjoy this magnificent experience to the fullest.

  3. edward Kaizer says:

    I’ve finally had time to view your African pictures and annotations; I was really impressed. Your visuals and descriptions unfold like a Beethoven symphony but with great pictures. It’s excellent work that allows us to share and come close to experiencing your interaction with the people and projects you found in Africa. We’re proud of you.
    Uncle Ed

    • katiekaizerphoto says:

      Thank you so much Uncle Ed! You are an inspiration always and I am so happy you like the photos. I am also happy to see you and Janet on island this week! Much love! xoxo Katie Kaizer


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