Meri & Matt’s Nantucket Wedding at The Wauwinet


Meri and Matt had a beautiful intimate Nantucket Wedding at The Wauwinet on June 7th 2015. Their ceremony was lovely as they recited their vows on the Zen Deck overlooking the ocean, surrounded by their families. For their wedding day we had the perfect amount of romantic Nantucket haze, casting a beautiful glow over the light blue sky and ocean.

We’ve known Meri Lepore and her family for a long time, I’ve photographed her father, Dr. Lepore, for different publications and when her Mother contacted me about their wedding I was thrilled. I called Meri and we talked for almost an hour over the phone about their wedding plans and also about our families, growing up on Nantucket and more. When I told her my parent’s were also married at The Wauwinet she said the same! I was thrilled to hear about how they chose their venue…”My parents eloped 38 years ago and I always wanted a small wedding or elopement. It took a while to pull together how to do a very small wedding and we ended up only including family members. It was so perfect.”

I loved hearing her tell me the story of how she and Matt met in Seattle….”Matt and I met at a mutual friends birthday party in Seattle. I was having dinner at The Pink Door and then we met up at the Kells with some friends. He made me dance to the Irish Music with him and we were the only ones dancing. Matt and I ended up talking to the whole night and making plans for the following Tuesday. We had an amazing first date including dinner at Crow, a restaurant in our Queen Anne Neighborhood, in Seattle. From the first date we started spending every day together.” Later when I met them for coffee in Nantucket Matt kept joking that they met ‘the old fashioned way’ (in person!) and I truly enjoyed hearing them tell the story together. I knew we’d have a fabulous time for the wedding day as they are easy to be around and such kind people.

Nantucket is amazing for so many reasons! I asked Meri how they decided to have their wedding here…….”I grew up on nantucket so it is a special place to me and I really wanted to get married there. Matt has come home with me many times in the past two and a half years and also really loves Nantucket. I couldn’t imagine not getting married near the ocean. It was so nice to have people that you know helping to plan the wedding from Katie, our photographer, to everyone at the Wauwinet.”

I always enjoy helping with the planning for the day, the details and all the little things that go into creating a relaxed, enjoyable and fun wedding. The Wauwinet is such a beautiful backdrop for a wedding and Mark Holland-Leggiere, Jennifer Hudson and their team do such a fabulous job. There were so many special touches to the day and Matt and Meri even brought their dog from Seattle to make an appearance at the ceremony and for a few portraits!

In addition to picking the venue Meri’s Parent’s had gotten married at, the date of the wedding held special meaning for the couple…..”We picked June 7th because it was Matt’s Parents anniversary. His mom passed away 10 years ago. We also brought Glassy Baby Candle Holders to put on the table as a tribute or memory. They are hand blown glass votive holders made in Seattle. The whole day was amazing and exactly what I wanted. I loved my dad walking me down to the wedding and Chuck Colley and Erik Wendelken playing our wedding song, David Gray’s The One I love, after the ceremony. I had told Matt I wanted him to dip me but he had said no and then surprisingly dipped me at the end of the wedding!” After the dip everyone applauded for the newlyweds!

Just as we were saying our good byes to the family as they sat for dinner each of the fathers gave beautiful heartfelt toasts. It was a honor to photograph a few more special moments before we left for the evening. Special thanks to my 2nd photographer Kathryn Kennedy for joining me to photograph this wedding! We are so happy to have been part of such a special wedding and we are so happy for Meri and Matt! We look forward to seeing you again on Nantucket and wishing you all the best!!!

Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography, Flowers: Abby Wullschleger Moors End Farm, Hair & Makeup: Kate Norris, Dress, Veil and Sash: Blue Sky Bridal Seattle, WA, Shoes: Betsy Johnson, Bride’s Ring: Made by Gary Trainor at Jewel of the Isle, Groom’s Ring: Metal Masters Co., Venue: The Wauwinet, Officiant: Rhoda Weinman, Groom’s Attire: Macy’s, Cakes: Nantucket Cake Company by Tiina Polvere, Customized Tote Bags: Brittany Hunt

Enjoy! – Katie Kaizer

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