Lauren and John’s Nantucket Engagement Session – Sankaty Lighthouse and Great Point Lighthouse

Lauren and John are getting married this September and we are beyond excited for them! We’ll be traveling to Connecticut to capture their festivities and it was so much fun hearing more about their plans during our Nantucket Engagement Session! These two have actually been in front of our cameras before as they were in their friend’s wedding on Nantucket that we photographed a few years ago. We love getting to know everyone well before their big day and these two have a natural charisma and love that radiates. Their laughter is also contagious!

When Lauren and John mentioned going to Great Point for their engagement session I was ALL IN! Growing up here I have the best memories of cruising my old jeep out to Great Point and it is still one of our all time favorite ways to spend a day off. As we cruised out in their jeep I loved hearing more about their connection to the island and some of their favorite memories.

“I love Nantucket because of my college summers I spent working at Sankaty. I fell in love with the friendly island community, the restaurants, the beaches, and of course the brewery. However my favorite thing to do on island is to drive out to Great Point. My best friend and I always blasted some country music and headed out as often as we could. John came to Nantucket a few times in college but never with me. After we graduated UCONN, he came out and the first place I took him was to Great Point. After a great ride out blasting Disney music and showing him my favorite views, I naturally got us stuck in the sand. (Although we both still blame one of our friends who was with us) but that’s why we love Nantucket. It’s the only place where getting stuck in the sand can be fun. We had so many people ask us if we needed help, offered food and beverages, and we took a nice swim. The island is a complete escape from our every day lives and we find the most fun days the ones where it’s a bit quieter, the sun may not be shining, and we never know where the day will take us.”

When the evening of Lauren and John’s session arrived I was driving out to Sconset and as it  happens so often in the spring I reached Sconset and the island was blanketed in a thick fog. The cold water and warm air in the spring often result in the Grey Lady Fog that we all love so much. Luckily Lauren and John too appreciate this pretty fog.

“The most memorable part of our engagement session was definitely the fog. The Grey Lady was being quite grey, one of the foggiest I’ve ever seen it. When I drove up to Sankaty and we couldn’t even see the lighthouse from the road, I thought our sunset photo shoot was doomed. John, who had been playing Sankaty for the previous 3 hours, thought I knew how foggy it was. In typical Nantucket weather, it was gorgeous in town so I had no idea. Fog happens and is now part of our story, and we will continue to smile every time the fog roles in as we remember an epic right out to Great Point!”

Cheers to Lauren and John and their amazing love. We can’t wait to see these two in September!!!


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