Kaylan and Michael’s Intimate Nantucket Wedding in Madaket

“When the day turns into night and your way beyond my sight I think of you.”  –  Fred Rogers

When Michael isn’t on Nantucket with Kaylan she sends him a photo of the sunset and she writes that special Fred Rogers quote to him. That was one of the many reasons they chose to have their ceremony  right near the Madaket Harbor and the late Fred Roger’s  longtime home on Nantucket. The couple has so many wonderful connections to the island and Madaket holds a place in their hearts. I remember when I met Kaylan while photographing her sister’s wedding years ago and they always talked about their childhood summers and love for that west end of the island. Here are a few words from Kaylan about their connection to the island.

“My family has, for my entire lifetime, annually rented in Madaket from the Grieder’s and Hammond’s. We hold the summers here so closely to our hearts and dreamt of one day marrying here . I introduced Michael to Nantucket in 2008 and he quickly recognized the isles beauty  rough roots and enduring nature. Our location was chosen on one of our many walks back to the point , where we’d take in the framed sunset on the bayside, near the “Crooked House“. For us, seemingly with all others lucky enough to witness the day turn into night along those shores: we feel peaceful within , knowing this was where we’re supposed to be.”

Kaylan and Michael had a beautiful, emotional and intimate ceremony with their parents and the officiant. These two radiate love and happiness, they have been together for 13 years and I am so honored to witness this kind of commitment, caring and enthusiasm for life and each other. Their parents are absolutely wonderful and these two were so cute sharing the handkerchief to wipe tears during their ceremony, admittedly I was crying lots of happy tears too, it was such a special evening!  The evening was classically Nantucket with sunny skies and an ocean breeze as the couple exchanged their vows by the sun soaked bay. Kaylan and Michael had even decided they wanted to do their first dance on the iconic Madaket bridge and right after their dance their parents spontaneously decided to join in. This evening was a celebration of love and family and I am so honored to have been their photographer. I can’t wait to see Kaylan and Michael again soon on Nantucket. Here is their wedding story.

Officiant : Nancy Holmes, Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography, Flowers: Flowers on Chestnut, Hair: Emma Ross Hair & Beauty


When I asked the couple about the most memorable part of the day their answer was so beautiful……”When our eyes locked on each other during the ceremony, thoughts of our past & future together filled us with such joy & emotion. Somehow we always retain clarity through the fog, armed with the knowledge that we are in no way off course as our love remains unsinkable.”



After the impromptu family dance party on the bridge we got back to the cottage. Immediately Kaylan and her Mom saw a Cardinal in the yard and it flew right past them. This Cardinal was a sign that both of her grandparents were truly with them in spirit on this special day. Kaylan told me that after her Grandfather passed away her Grandmother would always look for a Cardinal as a sign that he was there and since she has passed away seeing this bird has a special meaning for the family. This was the moment she saw the Cardinal.

Kaylan and Michael met 13 years ago while working at a restaurant called ‘Cosimos on Union’ in Newburgh NY. She told us….”Michael was singing ‘Take it Easy’  making a cappuccino and I turned around and told him to take it easy with that singing…..from then on I was on his radar .. he was like who is this girl? Making fun of me.” With that they pulled out this adorable note Kaylan had written Michael many years ago while working at the restaurant.

We are so happy for you Kaylan and Michael. We look forward to seeing you again soon on Nantucket!

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