Land to Sea Pet Rescue with Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals

These two cuddled the entire ferry ride over to Nantucket last Sunday. A group of girls who were on their way to the island for a swim meet saw us with the pups and joined us for the whole ride. The snuggles, cuddles, kisses and love was really something to witness. Even though these pups only spent an hour with the kids you could see the joy these dogs brought to them. These rescue pups are so deserving of a home and I’m in awe of the good work of Little Mountain Rescue and Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals. Many of these puppies were placed in trial homes for adoption that afternoon and their families will have this kind of happiness every day. I’m speaking from experience with our little Ziggy who we adopted last year, I am so grateful.

I have seen first hand how the Land to Sea Pet Rescue program has brought joy, comfort and love to so many Nantucketers and those who come from off island to adopt too! NiSHA has created a community here for us that is so unique and they are an incredible resource for our island. When we are out walking the dog we always see other people we know that have adopted ‘Mississippi Mutts’ and the dogs are always happy to play. Last weekend was only my second time helping out with a transport bringing the dogs back on the ferry, their last leg of the journey from Mississippi and I love talking more with all the people who have been involved for years. They are a wealth of knowledge and they tell incredible stories of their years doing this work. Lori Smith is a very special and dedicated woman who has done so much to make sure these pups make it into the right homes. I asked Jessica Sosebee, Executive Director, more about this program and Lori in particular. Lori on Nantucket and Barb who runs Little Mountain Rescue in Mississippi are so passionate about this mission and it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I wanted to share a small piece of their story today. Here are a few words from Jessica….

“I feel that NiSHA’s Land to Sea program is one of our most important. One aspect of that program is the partnership between NiSHA and Little Mountain Rescue In Eupora, MS. Having seen the often deplorable situations for animals in the southern states for myself, the work that Little Mountain Rescue is doing for dogs who would otherwise have no options, is invaluable. We all wish we could save more, but the goal is to help one small county in Mississippi prevent unplanned litters by spaying and neutering as many animals as possible. Once that happens, we can help another county and maybe Barb of LMR can finally take a break! The goal for all animal rescue organizations is to eventually not be needed. And that day can’t come soon enough! I’m very proud of our staff and volunteers at NiSHA. Lori Smith, our volunteer dog adoption coordinator, has successfully placed hundreds of dogs and puppies into loving homes on the island and the Cape. Families who may have purchased dogs from potential puppy mill situations have instead rescued a life. It’s an amazing feeling all around. There are many people who help with this effort. From transporting the dogs from Boston then over on the ferry, to greeting potential adopters, to stuffing the go-home bags, to sending puppies off with a wealth of information to get them off on the right start. It’s a wonderful way to be part of the solution towards no more homeless pets.”

Here are some photos from the transport last weekend. The pups had been driven up from Mississippi, spent a few days in Boston at quarantine and then were actually meant to come over on Saturday but due to high winds and cancelled boats we went on Sunday morning to pick them up. Thanks to Deb Childs another amazing volunteer they had a puppy party sleep over at her house on the cape Saturday night. She said with all 11 pups and her 3 dogs there wasn’t one issue, no accidents, just happy sleepy pups.  Barb in Mississippi does an incredible job from the moment she is in contact with these dogs preparing them for their new life. Many of them are rescued from dyer situations and they are given a second chance. We adopted Ziggy last May and he’s been such an easy going happy dog and immediately became the love of our lives. At the end of the post I am listing the video our friends at Yellow Productions made so you can learn more about this incredible organization.

If you are looking for a new dog or pet please consider adopting. It will be the best decision you ever make.


Lori lights up like this when she talks about the puppies. Listening to stories on the ferry was such a treat!


Volunteers in Hyannis with the puppies before we boarded the ferry!


Puppies bringing joy to everyone on the ferry!


Deb Childs and other volunteers sewed these stylish coats for the pups! Each one went home with their own jacket hand made by volunteers!


Thank you for looking at this post! To learn more about NiSHA please watch a film by our talented friends at Yellow Productions that tells more of their story! You can see the film here Video about NiSHA .



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