Kristina & Zach’s Nantucket Engagement Session – Town, Madaket, Horses and their Motorcycle!


I had so much fun with Kristina and Zach for their Nantucket Engagement Session!! This lovely couple is getting married in New Hampshire next year but they came down to the island for their Engagement Photos! When we started talking about their visit to Nantucket it instantly felt like Kristina was an old friend as she was so fun to talk with and I knew this was going to be a lot of fun! She mentioned that they were going to bring their bright red motorcycle and I just loved the idea! I always like to encourage couples to incorporate the things they love into their session!  I asked Kristina more about their draw to Nantucket and why they wanted to do the photos here….

“Zach and I have been coming to Nantucket in the springtime as a getaway for the past few years. Taking engagement photos Daffy weekend only seemed natural to us, since we are having daffodils at our wedding. We got to incorporate our favorite island with our favorite flowers; perfect!”

We ended up doing their shoot on Sunday morning of Daffodil Weekend as the forecast for later that day was looking like rain and we wanted to take advantage of the pretty morning! We met up in town at the iconic areas around lower Main St. and then stopped by The Brant Point Lighthouse before heading out to Madaket. As we arrived in Madaket I said to Kristina ‘I wonder if we’ll see the ladies I usually ride horses with out here’ and about two seconds later they came trotting over the bridge and even joined us for a few photos!! It was a total coincidence to run into them and it was so much fun. They got to say hi to the pretty horses who made a cameo in their photos! Needless to day it was  a super fun session….

“We were so excited to finally get to bring a motorcycle to Nantucket! We were able to explore every corner of the island and fall even more in love with it. it’s a hobby we both enjoy, so being able to include the bike in the shoot really captures a part of who we are!”

So happy for this couple and wishing them a fabulous wedding in New Hampshire next year!!

Enjoy! – Katie K.

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