Kelly and Scott’s 20th Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal on Nantucket

When Kelly contacted me to photograph their 20th Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal I was honored. They are a wonderful Nantucket Family who I had never met before, after talking we realized we live less than a mile away from each other here on the island. When I arrived they showed me their original wedding album. A true treasure, a book full of their wedding photos taken on this same date, August 22nd, 20 years ago. The photographs were taken by David Hansen Photography. I love that they had their wedding album out, along with anniversary cards and their kids were all there too ready to be part of the ceremony. They even had one of their sons be the officiant. Together they gathered under a tree in their back yard and renewed their vows on a beautiful August evening.


I have loved hearing more about Kelly and Scott’s story and what brought them to this point, 2o years into a happy marriage….”This coming year is a big year for us…our 20th anniversary, Scott’s 50th birthday and Isaac’s senior year in high school. Lots to celebrate. Lots to be thankful for. Renewing our vows is something we always talked about from the very beginning or our marriage. Of course, planning it on our 20th seemed so far away, but now it seems crazy how fast the time went. I started dating Scott when I was 16 and he was 22. Our relationship came with a lot of skepticism, but we believed in the truth of what we are. From the beginning we fit together so naturally and our love has always been so simple and easy. We are each others best friends. Time is precious and it’s important to create memories both big and small, to live in the moment, and to stop and smell the roses. We wanted our children to know how much their parents love each other and how lucky and blessed we all are to have one another. Keeping the ceremony between the six of us created the personal, intimate vibe we were hoping for.”


Lately I have been learning so much from all of my clients…..perhaps it’s with our own wedding approaching  I find myself asking for words of wisdom and advice, we can learn so much from everyone who crosses our path. We photograph so many family portrait sessions that honor the grand parents who have been married 50 or 60 years and I always ask them what their secret is. Of course it’s a little different for everyone but I love what they tell me. I have no doubt that someday I’ll be congratulations Kelly and Scott on their 50th wedding anniversary, a couple so full of love. Kelly shared her insight about marriage and I was grateful to share them with all  of you. Words to live by…


“My advice would be to never stop growing with one another. A good relation never stops evolving and takes a lifetime to fulfill. Always help one another love life. Choose each other to be no other then themselves, loving what you know and trusting in who they will become. Your love creates a spirit unique to only the two of you. Be at rest with one another and continue to love with all of your being for as long as time allots and even after that.”


I love this first image as a side by side.  Kelly and Scott mentioned recreating one of their favorite wedding portraits and I was all in! I hope you all enjoy this post and once again congratulations to Kelly and Scott!


Enjoy! – Katie K.


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