Kate & Roddy’s Springtime Nantucket Engagement Session


Kate and Roddy were our first Engagement Session of the year! We waited a little while to share this one! Kate and Roddy live in London and were traveling after Nantucket so we wanted to wait until they were back home to share it!  This sweet couple has spent lots of time on Nantucket and we are so thrilled to photograph their wedding! Kate and Roddy arrived on the ferry Thursday afternoon of Daffodil Weekend and they jumped right into the session! It was a bit chilly but we had an amazing time!

I asked Kate about their memories from the shoot…”Getting a hearty loud horn honk from the passing car ferry when we were taking photos at Brant Point and standing in the middle of Main Street doing some antics and occasionally stopping traffic.”

We definitely had a fun session and lots of laughs. I loved hearing more about their connection to the island!

“Nantucket is a very special place for my family, and we started spending more time on island since the summer of 2002. It was that summer (and the following) that I worked at the Boarding House. I loved the people I worked with and met those summers. I soon discovered the magic of the post season as the summer bustle faded into more relaxed, crisper days. Just the best. Last August, Roddy visited for the first time and was immediately smitten with the island. We’re so excited to be getting married there in September!”

We are also really excited!! Enjoy then post!! – Katie K.



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