Julie and David’s Elopement at Steps Beach



Julie and David had a beautiful Wedding at Steps Beach on September 1st 2015. It was just the couple, Catherine Stover as the Officiant and myself. They had wanted to elope to Nantucket and they had the most amazing time here. They loved exploring Nantucket and a few days after their wedding we even did a portrait session out on the other end of the island in Sconset.

I have to say that from the moment Julie called me I just knew this was going to be a fun time. She was so excited to explore the island with David as they had never been here. She also has a true love for photography and is a photographer herself! Having a true appreciate for imagery it makes perfect sense that Julie was captivated by David’s picture the first time she saw him….”David and I met online in 2004 back before it was mainstream.  I saw a picture of him and it really spoke to me.  I thought about him for a couple weeks before I reached out.  He left a striking impression.  When we met in person, I knew right away he was special.”

As they arrived on Nantucket they ventured all around the island. They fell in love with Steps Beach and knew that is where their wanted to exchange vows. I was thrilled they picked Steps Beach, I have always thought it is one of the most romantic places on Nantucket.

“We are from Massachusetts and knew we wanted to be married on a beach in our home state.  I had the idea to go to a new beach, that neither of us had been to before, and make new memories together and have an adventure.  We picked Nantucket because of the stunning scenery, casual vibe, and privacy.  We arrived a few days before our wedding and scouted the beaches to find the one we liked the best.  It was so fun and beautiful to see so many beaches in such a short time.  The different beaches on Nantucket are all beautiful, but each as a different personality.  We ended up choosing steps beach for our ceremony because it felt magical to us.”

They had a lovely ceremony with Catherine Stover and the occasional passerby or even paddle boarder stopped looked on as these two became husband and wife. They were truly in their own little world and it was the most peaceful and beautiful backdrop for their ceremony. We strolled around Steps for photos then took a little tour to some of our favorite Nantucket locations. The Lily Pond was gorgeous and in full bloom and Sanford Farm was a great setting for photos in the late day sunshine. We finished the evening at Dionis for a sunset stroll and even got into the water for a few last photos. I truly loved spending time with them.

“We had a wonderful ceremony and a fun time with Katie taking us around to beautiful parts of Nantucket.  It didn’t really feel like we were even getting photos taken.  We were just being ourselves and expressing our joy and love for each other.  Our favorite part of our wedding evening was on the beach watching the stars while eating fluffernutters with champagne.  It was wonderful to have a quite moment as husband and wife.  We had been together 8 years to the day when we got married.  If you turn the number 8 on it’s side, it becomes the infinity symbol.  So we turned the 8 years into forever.”

I loved the importance behind their wedding date. 8 years together and then deciding to make it official in such a lovely way. This was the most amazing evening and a wonderful way to kick off our biggest wedding month of the year. I have a feeling Julie and David will return to Nantucket again someday and I look forward to seeing them again! Wishing them all the best!

Location: Steps Beach, Rings: James Sutter Jewelry, Suit: Banana Republic, Dress: BHLDN and Lace Topper by Tulip Bridal, Flowers: Flowers on Chestnut, Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography, Officiant: Catherine Stover

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  1. Lisa Rose says:

    So beautifully done! Love how the love flows out on each picture and the way it shows their wedding day from the beginning of the day to night fall.

  2. Christine says:

    I am happily ruining my eye make up looking at these; they are so beautiful! Beautiful subject/talented photographer :) There is one portrait with the two of you embracing and looking straight at the camera that just jumped out at me. I gasped aloud and startled everyone in the room with me


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