Nantucket Wedding – Erin & Rob Guzzo

Erin and Rob met while out for drinks with friends one evening about 6 years ago in Sarasota, Florida. They were introduced by a mutual friend, Melanie, Erin’s maid of honor. Melanie was Erin’s friend and roommate and also had known Rob and his family for many years. Strangely enough, Melanie had always thought that they would be a good match although when they both became single Rob and Erin both told her they weren’t ready to date anyone yet. Later though a chance encounter they had an instant connection and talked all evening. Erin says “there was just something that felt natural and effortless about it from the very start”. Weeks later they talked and had lunch together but due to travel and work it was still weeks until their first date on Siesta Key. They have been together ever since and love their life as a happily blended family with Rob’s 8 year old son, Nicholas.

A huge heartfelt congratulations to Erin & Rob. This was a particularly fun wedding for me as the group stayed at my parent’s Inn, The Brant Point Inn, and we also used the sweet little cottage across the street for the bride to get ready. The name of the cottage was “Fogged In” but on this gorgeous spring day there wasn’t a bit of fog in sight. Erin & Rob were showered in sunlight on their wedding day.  Erin and Rob live in Florida and they added a personal touch to their wedding with light and gorgeous beachy details. Erin even borrowed a vail from her friend who had gotten married in the caribbean and it was the perfect match to her gorgeous Pronovias dress. The flowers were simple and elegant, designed by The Flower Shop. Nicholas, Rob’s son, also added a great energy to the wedding! During the ceremony at Brant Point a friend of theirs actually hooked up a live web-cam so their friends back home could watch the wedding from afar. This couple was all smiles all day and after the wedding they had an intimate reception at 56 Union. The couples wedding details blended seamlessly with the funky and fun atmosphere at 56 Union. I love how this wedding truly reflected the unique and special love that Erin and Rob share with each other.

Another fun detail – I had heard rumors of Rob’s signature dance move (a split!) and sure enough as the dj turned up the tunes Rob was full on dance mode and kicked it off with a split! So happy for you both!

Enjoy – Katie Kaizer

Katie Kaizer Photography


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  1. Melanie Lehmann says:

    Wow Katie…you really captured not only the visual aspects of this great event, but you were able to evoke every mood and feeling of love that we all felt by being there. These pictures are beautiful. I will also add that I have been been involved in several wedding parties, but never had a photographer be as UN-obtrusive as you were. I think we all felt as though you were a guest (which you were too), that never affected the flow of the event. In my opinion, that makes you worth your weight in gold alone!

    Luck and love of course to Rob, Erin, and Nico, but with what they have already, I doubt they need it. :)


  2. Vanessa Caropepe-Pedrero says:

    Katie’s pictures of Rob& Erin’s wedding are amazing!!! It’s hard to capture every beautiful menorie,but what a great job Katie, way to get every detail!

  3. erin guzzo says:

    Katie- you are amazing. I’ve shared these around work, family and friends and have received a lot of the same comments saying these photos look like they belong in a really high end bridal magazine. You are a true talent- thank you for capturing the true essence of our day and being such a pleasure to be around and work with.


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