East West Fishing Challenge – Nantucket

Sometimes people ask us “what did you do growing up on Nantucket?” or “Wasn’t it boring?” This blog post can answer those questions – growing up here was a gift, and if you are part our family it is never boring! Some of my earliest memories are my mom bringing my brother and I to see my dad pulling into the docks after long days at sea to unload a massive Tuna fish or Stripe Bass. While my dad is still active in many of the commercial fisheries he also does charter fishing on his boat the Althea K. He loves fish and fishing and everything to do with the water. He has passed this on to us. Last Sunday we joined my dad out on the water for 12 hrs as we all fished in the East West Fishing Challenge. This tournament involves fishing for Stripe Bass and Bluefish and it’s a longtime rivalry between Nantucket’s two clubs – The Anglers Club and The Admiralty Club. The tournament is to benefit the scholarships that these groups provide to graduating students on Nantucket. The day was one in a million https://buyzolpideminsomnia.com with amazing fishing conditions, sunny blue skies and lots of laughs. As soon as my dad called it “this is the last fish of the day” the fish gods decided to give us a little slap on the wrists (literally) as my brother got a quick hook in the hand. We decided not to perform an impromptu surgery on the boat and once we were home he got it all fixed up at the hospital. As for the fishing results…. anyone who’s been fishing on the Althea K. knows my dad rarely keeps a bluefish on board, however, on this sunny day in June we took 2nd & 3rd place for biggest Bluefish. The teams on our boat were Capt. Pete & Kirby Jones, My brother PJ & Dan Gault, and myself & Joe Minella. Cheers to everyone involved in this amazing Nantucket tradition that brings families and friends together for a great day on the water every spring! (All photos by Katie Kaizer Photography – except the few that I am in:)

Enjoy – Katie K.

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