Congratulations Haley & Dan! A lovely Fall Wedding at The Nantucket Hotel and Resort.


Haley and Dan were married October 4th 2015 at The Nantucket Hotel and Resort. They were married by Dan’s Grandmother, Irene Perlongo, and their ceremony was absolutely amazing. Everyone traveled to Nantucket despite a nearby storm, Hurricane Joaquin, and the wild weather only added to their story, giving them many memorable moments. I had met with Haley and Dan during the year leading up to their wedding and I knew right away that they share a positive outlook on life. This positivity and their ability to live in the moment kept them from worrying about the weather, and, they embraced the storm as we photographed around Nantucket under beautiful skies and a strong wind that only added to their photos!

It was great to hear more about how Haley and Dan met and their journey in life which has led them to their Nantucket Wedding….”Danny and I first met at Wagner college.  It was his junior year and my sophomore year and for one of his classes he had to go see the school’s production of “West Side Story”, which he begrudgingly went to.  I was playing one of the show’s central characters, and he then had to write a paper on me!! In addition to this…he wrote me a little note. A Facebook message.  I did not respond. Danny lived next to my best friend Drew that year, and Drew continued to tell me how great this guy was.  But being 19, I had no clue what was good for me!  Fast forward to age 23 and after running into each other serendipitously throughout NYC, I was the one begrudgingly agreeing to do something I didn’t want to do!  I couldn’t have been more wrong about Danny.  After one date we were both head-over-heels and smitten with one another! I thank my lucky starts he held out for me to finally go on a date.  What an idiot I was!!! He is my perfect match.”

As we spent time with Haley and Dan both before and on the wedding day it was clear that they are truly the perfect match. They are easy going and so much fun to be around. When we met to talk more about their wedding I loved hearing about why they love Nantucket and how they chose the island as their destination for their celebration…”I am from MA originally and Danny is from New York. I grew up going to cape cod, but it wasn’t until a little over a year ago when I went with my girlfriends on a “girls trip”, when I finally visited Nantucket!  Like my first date with Danny, it was fireworks and love at first site! I knew Danny would love Nantucket just as much as I did so the two of us took a romantic weekend getaway a few weeks later (the first weekend in October 2014). Fast forward a year ( the exact weekend of our wedding) and we were waking down the aisle!”

This was a wedding full of surprises! We asked Haley more about their favorite moments  of the day….”What I can say about my wedding is that absolutely  nothing went according to plan, and it was absolutely perfect in the end! The week leading up to this wedding was a bit stressful with hurricane Joaquin looming!! All my family members had to book last minute flights because the ferries weren’t running! By the time Sunday came I didn’t care if it was raining or snowing, I just wanted to make sure our friends and family made it safely to the island!!! We were very lucky to have beautiful weather despite the drama leading up to it.  However, it really put everything into perspective for me and just made me even more grateful to have the friends and family that we have. My hair and makeup ladies were supposed to take the ferry over on Sunday, but the boats were cancelled! My bridesmaids were incredible and stepped up to the plate and took over! They did my mom’s makeup, each other’s make up and hair… It was just incredible to see everyone come together, laugh, go with the flow and make everyone feel and look absolutely amazing.  Thankfully for me, I was able to find a fabulous makeup artist who was made me feel so special and beautiful on the big day! Also….The surprise performance from our good friends, Chase and Yurel!!! We met each other in the Broadway production or west side story and they even incorporated actual audio of me singing into the performance! (Thanks YouTube!). It was absolutely hysterical, but at the same time so touching and beautiful and such a reminder of the friendships that Danny and I have in our lives!”

It was a truly special day for Haley and Dan and we really enjoyed the surprise performance and everything about their day! The speeches had us laughing out loud while we were photographing! Haley and Dan are two of the nicest, most caring and thoughtful people we’ve ever met! Their evening carried on through the night as everyone danced the night away at The Nantucket Hotel and Resort.

Special thanks to Cary Tozer for joining me to photograph this wedding! Thank you for all of your hard work and talent! I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing Haley and Dan again soon on the island! I loved seeing them the night after their wedding out on the town and getting to talk more about their amazing day!

Venue: The Nantucket Hotel and Resort, DJ: Perfect Nantucket Events / Billy Voss, Ceremony Cellist: Mollie Glazer, Floral Design: Soiree Floral, Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography, Hair & Makeup: Lani Gonzalez, Dress: Bijou Bridal, Shoes: Badgley Mischa, Rings: Danny and his cousin JoJo Custom Designed the Rings  ( Rose Gold; the theme for the wedding)  Officiant: Irene Perlongo, The Groom’s Grandmother, Groom’s Attire: Suit Supply, Cupcakes: Petticoat Row Bakery

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  1. Thea Kaizer says:

    Katie K…perfection…this wedding has such passion throughout the entire day and all captured beautifully in these photos!! Wow!!


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