Congratulations Emily and Jack! A Beautiful Fall Wedding at The Nantucket Westmoor Farm!


Emily and Jack were married on September 26th 2015 at The Nantucket Westmoor Farm. It was a gorgeous fall day for their Wedding and they exchanged vows surrounded by their family and friends. We were so happy to photograph this wedding as I had also photographed the Groom’s Sister’s Wedding a few years ago. It was great to see so many familiar faces and also to meet Emily’s wonderful family! I had the pleasure of photographing their Rehearsal Dinner at The Club Car and loved hearing all about  how Emily and Jack met and more of their story. Turns out it can be a great idea to marry your best friend!

“We met our first year at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, where we lived in the same dorm. Our roommates, who were dating at the time, recognized early on it would be beneficial to introduce us in hopes we’d hit it off. Luckily for everyone, we quickly became best of friends. It wasn’t until after college, that we started dating. Unfortunately, that was from different cities as Emily was living in NYC and Jack was in Boston. For three years, we shared turns visiting one another’s city via the luxury liner known as the Bolt Bus. The travel was long and often grueling, but we both knew that what awaited us at the end was worth the trip. Jack finally moved to NYC where we have been living together for the last four years. This past March, after 11 years of friendship and seven  years of dating, Jack asked Emily to marry him while they were on a remote beach in Grand Cayman. Eager to begin the next chapter in our story, we got married in Nantucket just six months later!”

Having known Holly, the Groom’s Sister, and their family for a while now I knew that they all just love Nantucket. We knew it would be challenging to choose a favorite place on Nantucket to have the wedding as there are just so many great options! When they told me they decided on The Nantucket Westmoor Farm we were thrilled. It’s a great property and we love the trellis of vines and greenery that is all done up in lights. We loved photographing them around the property, the covered bridge is so sweet! In addition to the fall colors on the property we adore the Green and Red barns for even more color. Our very talented friend Betsey of Betsey Brooks Floral and Design made amazing bouquets and did a fabulous job with the floral design on the arch for the ceremony! All in all it was the perfect backdrop for their wedding! Here’s more about their time on Nantucket….

“Jack grew up spending summers in Nantucket and coaching tennis at Sankaty Golf Club. After Emily’s first visit to the island Figawi weekend 2008, it quickly became a special place for both of them. With so many beautiful spots on the island, it was a hard to choose a favorite, but we instantly fell in love with The Nantucket Westmoor Farm, despite seeing the property for the first time on a cold and dreary March day. Even in the inclement weather, it was gorgeous, and we were able to envision it’s potential beauty for our fall wedding.”

They had so many friends joining them from all over the world. It was great hearing the speeches as everyone told great stories about the couple and their journey. After a great meal by Nantucket Catering Company we photographed the great dance party that followed!

“Before taking our evening portraits, we stood outside the tent under a full moon, watching all of our friends and family inside dancing, laughing, and celebrating. It was so special to be surrounded by so many important people in our lives, many of who traveled long distances to join us on Nantucket. We are so grateful to share our day with our parents, sisters, grandparents, nieces, family, and friends, all of whom made the weekend long celebration truly unforgettable.”

The dancing lasted well into the evening and at one point the very tall Best Man even leaned down and insisted I got up on his shoulders to take photos from up high. Needless to say we got some memorable photos on the dance floor and the leader of the band remarked “This is a first, the photographer is up on the Best Man’s Shoulders!” We couldn’t e happier for Emily and Jack and absolutely loved photographing their beautiful Fall Wedding. We look forward to seeing them again soon on Nantucket!!

Thank you to Cary Tozer for joining me to photograph this wedding!! So many great photos and I appreciate all of your hard work and talent!!


Venue: The Nantucket Westmoor Farm, Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography, Flowers: Betsey Brooks Floral , Caterer: Nantucket Catering Company ,  Band: Felix Brown Band , Hair: RJ Miller Salon, Makeup: Emily Nantucket Dress: Pronovias , Shoes: Elliott Lucca, Rings: Hummingbird Jewelers, Rhinebeck, NY , Officiant: Kevin Thomas Plodzik, Groom’s Attire: Enzo Custom Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo, Groomsmen Ties: Vineyard Vines Nantucket , Dessert: Petticoat Row Bakery & Bartlett’s Farms, Chalkboard Art: Amanda Newman Art, Wedding Party Florals: Corkbuds by Amanda Newman , Tent Rental: Nantucket Party Rentals 

Enjoy! – Katie K.

EmilyJack_001_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_002_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_003_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_004_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_005_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_006_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_007_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_008_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_009_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_010_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_011_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_012_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_013_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_014_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_015_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_016_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_017_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_018_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_019_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_020_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_021_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_022_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_023_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_024_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_025_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_026_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_027_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_028_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_029_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_030_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_031_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_032_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_033_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_035_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_036_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_037_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_038_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_039_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_040_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_041_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_042_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_043_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_044_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_045_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_046_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_047_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_048_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_049_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_050_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_051_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_052_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_053_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_054_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_055_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_056_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_057_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_058_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_059_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_060_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_061_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_062_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_063_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_064_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_065_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_066_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_067_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_068_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_069_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_070_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_071_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_072_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_073_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_074_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_075_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_076_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_077_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_078_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_079_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_080_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_081_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_082_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_083_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_084_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_085_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_086_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_087_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_088_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_089_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_090_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_092_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_093_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_094_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_095_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_096_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_097_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_098_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_099_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_100_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_101_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_102_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_103_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_104_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_105_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_106_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_107_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_108_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_109_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_110_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_111_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_112_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_113_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_114_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_115_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_116_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_117_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_118_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_119_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_120_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_121_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_122_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_125_KatieKaizerPhotographyEmilyJack_123_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_124_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_127_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_128_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_129_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_130_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_131_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_132_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_133_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_134_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_135_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_136_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_137_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_138_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_139_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_140_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_141_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_142_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_143_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_144_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_145_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_146_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_147_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_148_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_149_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_150_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_151_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_152_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_153_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_154_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_155_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_156_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_157_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_158_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_159_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_160_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_161_KatieKaizerPhotography EmilyJack_162_KatieKaizerPhotography





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