Charlotte & Clayton’s Wedding at The Nantucket Yacht Club


Charlotte and Clayton were married on June 4th at The Nantucket Yacht Club. We are so happy for these two and they had a beautiful day for their wedding! The sun was out and it felt like a summer day out at Brant Point Lighthouse where we did their first look and portraits. They had a ridiculously fun bridal party and we loved meeting everyone!! Charlotte and Clayton love Nantucket, I asked her more about their connection to the island..

“My connection to Nantucket is that my family has been coming every summer and some winters since 1968! Clayton has been coming with me every summer since we started dating, which was eight years ago. I’ve lived in lots of different cities, but Nantucket is a constant for me, my home, and we both feel incredibly happy when we are there. Many of our friends have visited us and also love the island. So of course it was a natural choice for our wedding.”

I was so happy to be in touch with Charlotte for over a year leading up to the wedding and by the big day we all felt like old friends! There were so many highlights throughout the day and evening. We love their band and had so much fun photographing their reception! I asked Charlotte a little more about their memorable parts of the day….”The whole wedding was really perfect. But the ceremony felt especially special: the sun came out, my dad’s Chuppah looked great (and didn’t fall down), Fanny our canine flower girl, behaved perfectly, my aunt’s words were touching and deeply personal, my mom’s best friend and her son played the music exuberantly and beautifully, and the vows that we wrote ourselves rang so true.”

We loved being part of this wedding and are truly happy for Charlotte and Clayton!

Special thanks to Cary Tozer for being my 2nd shooter at this wedding!

Wedding Venue: The Nantucket Yacht Club, Wedding Coordinator: Jimmy Jaksic, Floral Design: Soiree Floral, Band: Eye 2 Eye, Hair & Makup: Darya Salon & Spa, Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography, Officiant: Bride’s Aunt, Liza Handman.

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  1. Emily Ennis says:

    Beautiful couple, beautiful ceremony, beautiful shots! Happiness abounds!
    with best wishes and love,
    Emily Ennis


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