Celebrating Family Portraiture on Nantucket – August + Early September 2013

Celebrating Family Portraiture on Nantucket


I love summer here on the island! The last Nantucket Family Portraiture post was full of July highlights and now I bring you highlights from portrait sessions in August and a few from early September! I love meeting and photographing so many amazing people who travel from all over the world to come here and experience summertime life on the island. Having grow up here myself I would have to agree that there is no better place to spend your childhood than on this gorgeous island.

Portrait sessions are often at the different beaches and I also spent a lot of time in Sconset this August. I also started meeting some families at their summer rental homes to get a few photos there. Looking back you’ll want to remember that summer home you rented in town or out in Surfside. I love showing families places on Nantucket they’ve never seen.  Every family is unique and it’s my goal to highlight the energy of each family. From cousins splashing around in the waves to grandparents and their adorable grandchildren there is never a shortage of moments shared. During each session I also love photographing the kids individually as well as all of the fun they have playing together.

Highlights of August also included meeting a few friendly yellow labs and also seeing the Carroll Family once again! I had photographed their twins when they were under a year old in Boston and now they are about three and cruising all over Madaket on their little wooden bikes. I love encouraging my families to approach the session as a little adventure and if the kids love biking it’s great to bring the bikes! The kids have great intuition so when they run around I follow them. When they splash around in the surf shore break I get right in their with them and usually we all end up soaked. When they become interested in something like the local fishing scene down at Brant Point Lighthouse I photograph that too. One of my favorite images in this post is of one of the little boys and a fisherman from Jamaica who was fishing out at Brant Point Lighthouse for Scup. The boy wanted to touch the Scup and the fisherman was happy to share the catch with him. It’s all part of the ever evolving Nantucket story and the kids are always discovering Nantucket in new ways, allowing me to create photographs that tell their story of summertime on Nantucket.

With weddings on the weekends and family portraits just about every day this summer I was fortunate to meet a lot of new amazing people who choose to make this their wedding destination, their yearly vacation and part of their lives forever. I love hearing about why they love the island. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories and for making this summer in family portraiture so much fun! I look forward to seeing you all again next summer here on the island!

Enjoy! – Katie K.

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