Nantucket Wedding – Ashley & Zach Married at the Wauwinet – An Inn By The Sea

– Ashley & Zach –


Ashley and Zach were married at The Wauwinet in August on the zen deck surrounded by their immediate families. They wanted a small and intimate wedding by the sea and they had the perfect day. They did a first look in the garden and then gathered inside to get ready. Right before we went outside Ashley had everyone put their hands in for a huddle. It was such a cute moment and you could tell that Ashley & Zach were jut beyond happy and that everyone there was so important to them. They had an Interfaith Wedding Ceremony and everyone at the wedding did a reading and they all sang together. It was wonderful to see everyone at the wedding play a special part in their ceremony.

Ashley and Zach are perfect for each other. I asked her how they met and as it turns out you just never know who you might meet on a bus…..

“Zach and I met on a bus in Chicago. We kept bumping into each other by accident, but enjoyed each other so much that we decided to bump into each other on purpose! Three and a half years later we decided to get married on Nantucket. ”

I love hearing about how my couple’s choose Nantucket and their venue. “My mom nannied here in the 70s on and fell in love with the island so my family grew up vacationing here. Zach traveled here with us as well and it became a special place for both of us. We had never been to the Wauwinet, but it looked like somewhere out of a dream… and it was. The day was everything we hoped it would be and more… one of the best days of our lives. And we were so thankful the rain held off… it was a breathtaking setting next to the water with the sun shining down and the wind in our faces. We were so blessed to share this special moment with our family and are so grateful to all the people that came together to make our day so perfect.”

After the ceremony we strolled down to the beach for photos and as we walked back across the lawn everyone bean applauding the newlyweds! From there they enjoyed cocktails and then dinner. The whole day was gorgeous and a beautiful highlight was all of the fantastic work by Soiree Floral. They did a fabulous job with all of the flowers and the bride’s bouquet was stunning! So happy for this sweet couple and we hope to see you back on Nantucket soon!

Venue: The Wauwinet, Hair & Makeup: Darya’s Salon and Spa, Officiant: Linda Simmons, Music: Andy Bullington, Flowers: Soiree Floral, Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography.


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6 replies
  1. Howard and Marlene Habegger says:

    Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us. We wish Ashley and Zach a blessed and contented life together.

    Howard and Marlene

  2. Bernie and Marie Wiebe says:

    Thanks for sharing some beautiful photos of your special day with us! Wishing you blessings in your future together!

  3. Alexis Cramer says:

    Ashley – you are just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside! Congratulations and love from the Cramers!!!

  4. Christy Bassett Baker says:

    Katie – I just looked through your photos and this is the day Jonas and I were at the Wauwinet watching you:) I can see the “lil hooker” in the background of one of the photos, hehe:) xo


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