Ashley and Mango – A Snowy Winter Portrait on Nantucket


 Nantucket was a beautiful Winter Wonderland a few days ago! After a big winter storm we got another day of fresh snow and it was the fluffy fun kind that we all love to play in. As we walked through the woods I felt like I was back in Colorado on a powder day!

Ashley Erisman and I grew up together here on the island and when she asked me about doing some portraits of her and Mango I was more than excited. A sunny warm day for photos would be a ways off but when the pretty snow began falling I knew it would make for some really interesting and fun photos, especially since Mango is a black lab. We met up out at a popular dog walking place, The Gardner Property off of Hummock Pond. We had a great time and Mango loved playing in the snow. Walking with our family dog, Stella, is one of my favorite activities, it’s always a great way to explore Nantucket. Ashley loves the island and she is also member on the Conservation Commission, she truly has a love for the beautiful Nantucket landscape. We both agreed that exploring with our four legged friends is one of the best things to do here….

“It’s hard for me to believe it was seven years ago that I picked up Mango.  My mother and I drove all the way to Maine to get her and the timing was perfect.  Mango was ten weeks old and I had all winter to train her before the start of a busy landscaping season.  Mango now loves riding around in the truck and going out as part of the garden crew.  Nantucket is a special place for dogs and their owners, because there is so much open space to go out and enjoy.  I lived in Philadelphia with Mango while I was in graduate school, and after city living I gained a whole new appreciation for Nantucket’s dog friendly trails and beaches.  Mango gets me outside to explore Nantucket everyday, and even in terrible weather we come across the most beautiful things.  There is so much for a Labrador to love about Nantucket, which makes having one here especially fun.  Mango gets so excited to go to the beach for a swim or a roll in the sand, and she absolutely loves trail running and charging through every single puddle that stands in our path.  Mango is so happy to live here, and being around her enthusiasm for life is totally contagious.”

Here’s to winter days and to appreciating Nantucket all year long. Photographing in the snow and cold brings it’s own set of sweet challenges but it’s always worth it as the results are magical. I love the way our Island landscape transforms all dressed up in white. I am so thankful for snowy days like this!

Enjoy! – Katie K.


Ashley&Mango_05_KatieKaizerPhotographyAshley&Mango_02_KatieKaizerPhotography Ashley&Mango_03_KatieKaizerPhotography Ashley&Mango_06_KatieKaizerPhotography Ashley&Mango_07_KatieKaizerPhotography

Ashley&Mango_04_KatieKaizerPhotographyAshley&Mango_08_KatieKaizerPhotography Ashley&Mango_09_KatieKaizerPhotography Ashley&Mango_10_KatieKaizerPhotography Ashley&Mango_11_KatieKaizerPhotography Ashley&Mango_12_KatieKaizerPhotography Ashley&Mango_13_KatieKaizerPhotography Ashley&Mango_14_KatieKaizerPhotography Ashley&Mango_15_KatieKaizerPhotography Ashley&Mango_16_KatieKaizerPhotography Ashley&Mango_17_KatieKaizerPhotography Ashley&Mango_18_KatieKaizerPhotography

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  1. Margaret Polly Hallowell says:

    Do you know the blog caninenoir/Black Dogs Project by Fred Levy, a blog on tumblr, to be developed into a book in the fall? I follow it because of my love of dogs and my soft spot for dogs that are discriminated against, especially pitties and as hard as it is to believe, black dogs. You should check it out if you haven’t already because these photos are exquisite. Black dogs are so hard to capture in any medium but in the snow…wow…the details really pop. Stunning work…you’ve created something really special for Ashley. These are so much more than photos. I tried to post a pic of my Coop because he could be Mango’s sibling – he’s a 7 year old English lab – he is absolutely gorgeous and a complete knucklehead – you may remember him from the DOGS of Ack book. Anyway, mostly wanted to comment on how moved I was by your beautiful work and suggest you check out Fred Levy if you don’t already know him.


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