Ann & Rich – An Intimate Nantucket Wedding at The Brant Point Lighthouse


 Ann and Rich had a gorgeous and intimate wedding ceremony at Brant Point Lighthouse on Friday June 6th. They decided to stay at The White Elephant for their weekend getaway which was the perfect place for their first look out on the docks. From there we went to Brant Point Lighthouse for their ceremony. They had a gorgeous day with sunshine and also beautiful clouds that moved in and out during our evening. The Rosa Rugosa was in full bloom which made for lovely colors down at the lighthouse. How they met…..”We met in October of 2012. We had a Surprise engagement watching a fantastic sunset over the ocean at castle hill inn in Newport July 2013. We both love the ocean and the beach, and have spent time with our families on the vineyard. For our wedding we wanted to create an ultra intimate ceremony in a beautiful natural setting and Nantucket was it. Neither one if of us had ever been to the island, but just fell in love with it.”

Nantucket proved perfect for their special day. After their intimate ceremony we could hear cheering from some tourists who were over on the other side of the beach quietly watching the ceremony. Ann and Rich were all smiles as they toasted to their new marriage. From there we had a great time at Brant Point Lighthouse and then went over to The Lily Pond for more photos. As we spent the time together it was wonderful hearing more about their lives, their story and how it all works so well together….

“One of the absolute best things about our lives is we each have 2 amazing children: Hannah, Rachel, Ryan and Katherine. They range in age from 10-15 and combined with our yellow lab Sanibel and puggle Miles make for a very lively home!  The kids all have great senses of humor which make for a lot of fun and laughter. We are really very lucky!
As one could imagine we cherished our precious time alone together over the days we spent on Nantucket for our elopement. We are now planning a big soirée to celebrate with friends and family.”

I couldn’t be happier for this sweet couple! Wishing them all the best and I look forward to seeing them again on Nantucket!

Officiant: Catherine Stover, Dress: Rivini, Bridal Bouquet: Flowers On Chestnut, Hair: RJ Miller,  Makeup: The Bride…after consult by Cynthia Klocek, her sister in law, a fantastic makeup artist! Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography

Enjoy! – Katie K.

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