Mimi & Matt Married at The Nantucket Yacht Club – Nantucket Wedding


Mimi & Matt were married on June 8th 2014 at The Nantucket Yacht Club under blue skies and sunshine. The wedding was lovely and the backdrop of the beautiful Nantucket Harbor was breathtaking. I photographed their engagement session about a year ago and it’s been wonderful getting to know this sweet couple! On the eve before the wedding I photographed their Rehearsal Dinner at The Westmoor Club and everyone was truly enjoying themselves as they celebrated Mimi and Matt’s wedding week.

From the bride….”Matt and I met at Rollins College but didn’t start dating until a few years later when we met up at St. Patrick’s Day party in Hoboken. From there the rest was history we were inseparable and fell in love. I have been going to Nantucket since I was born it is a second home to me and couldn’t imagine any other place on this earth to get married at. I introduced Matt to the island when we first started dating four years and he fell in love with it as well.”

Mimi and Matt wanted to do portraits at The Brant Point Lighthouse before the wedding with their bridal party and it was an absolutely perfect day for it. Everyone was all smiles as we spent time at the beach on what felt like a mid-summer day. From there we returned to The Nantucket Yacht Club for a wonderful heartfelt ceremony and an incredible reception. I asked Mimi what her favorite memory of the day was….

“Well I don’t know if there was just one moment because everything was amazing. From seeing Matt up on the alter when I walked Down, having the eagle blow it’s horn right at the end of the ceremony, to my first kiss as a married woman to Matt and my first dance. Also other highlights would be my dance with my Dad and his speech. We were so happy to hear all positive feedback about the island and wedding weekend,  a lot of our family had never been to the island and they all loved it! We really lucked out with amazing weather the whole weekend. And of course having an amazing friend/photographer made the whole day so special.”

I am so thankful to have been a part of  all the wedding festivities and I am wishing Mimi and Matt a lifetime of happiness together! I look forward to seeing them in the future on Nantucket!

Special thanks to Kathryn Kennedy who joined me for the day and photographed so many wonderful moments!

Wedding Venue: The Nantucket Yacht Club, Dress: Jim Hjelm, Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Hair; Darya of Darya’s Salon, Makeup: Meaghan of Darya’s Salon, Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography, DJ: Michael Amado of Entertainment Specialists, Flowers: Soiree Floral, Officiant: Cantor Avi Teken from Boston, Nantucket Red Yamakas: Shirat Ha Yam, Nantucket’s Jewish Congregation, Programs: Jill Philipson, Day of Coordinator: Carolyn Hills, Cake: Jodie’s Cakes


Enjoy! – Katie K.


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  1. Jill Philipson says:

    SUCH WONDERFUL PHOTOGRAPHS, KATIE!! Mimi and Matt will cherish these photos and the memories they bring back for the rest of their lives.


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