Published – "Nantucket Grown" – "Local Seafood on Nantucket" – 2012

If you love seafood you will love this article “Local Seafood on Nantucket” by Peter Brace. The article is out in the 2012 issue of Sustainable Nantucket’s ‘Nantucket Grown.’ I had the pleasure and adventure of photographing two local legends – Steve Bender and Bill Blount.  Photographing them was nothing short of an adventure. I met Steve at sunrise and we rode out to sea in his little boat and thanks to an unusually low tide I was able to get up close and personal with the Oyster Farm. I was also able to explore the lower depths of Bill’s boat where he keeps the fresh catch on ice. This article explains their efforts within the fisheries and oyster farming. Also find out how you can become part of Bill Blount’s Community Supported Fisher (CSF). These men are making great efforts to bring Nantucketers the very best in local seafood.

Enjoy – Katie K.

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