Leah and Matt’s Engagement Session with their dog Reef

Our good friends Leah and Matt are getting married this fall! I’ve known Matt since we were kids and met Leah through friends a long time ago. These two have been dating for almost 10 years and their engagement session was so much fun! I am honored to be their photographer! They brought along their dog Reef who is just amazing! It’s no surprise as Leah and Matt are one of the coolest couples around so of course their dog is rad! Reef is a mini Australian Shepherd and is not camera shy. Leah works at the Natural Resources Department and at the Brant Point Shellfish Hatchery and the day they finished a big Oyster Reef was the same day they brought home their puppy, hence his name is Reef! I always assumed it was because they are big surfers but I suppose it could have double meaning. Leah just told me today that she and Matt actually met surfing at Cisco Beach where Matt was working back then as a surf instructor!

It was so much fun photographing them at the flower fields and then Squam Swamp which has special meaning for them. It was there that Matt first asked Leah to be his girlfriend! As we walked the trails they told me the story and it was so wonderful to hear more about their relationship! These two live on Nantucket, love to surf, travel and live life to the fullest. We can’t wait for their wedding this Columbus Day weekend in Madaket, a place where Leah’s family has lots of history. It’s going to be a veery  special day and we can’t wait to see all of their friends and family together in one place celebrating this couple!


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