Kate & Carter Married on Nantucket – Pimny’s Point & The Nantucket Hotel

– Carter & Kate –


Kate & Carter were married on September 14th at Pimny’s Point overlooking the gorgeous waterfront of the Nantucket harbor. Their entire wedding day was unique and truly reflected what they love about the island and each other.

They had a spectacular fall day. It was the kind of day on Nantucket where the skies are crisp and blue, the sun is shining and the air is just cool enough to let you know that fall has arrived. Kate and Carter also have a LOT of incredible friends! Kate had 13 bridesmaids and Carter had 14 groomsmen which always adds an exciting element to the wedding! From the moment I met the ladies they never stopped laughing and smiling! Kate & Carter were surrounded by love and laughter all day long.

Kate & Carter’s wedding was one filled with firsts as I had never photographed a wedding at Pimny’s Point or at the newly renovated Nantucket Hotel. I love everything about their choices for the wedding, it was different, unique and highlighted their personality. Kate’s dress and flower crown were from the unconventional and nontraditional Stone Fox Bride. I was interested in this the moment I heard about it….on their site it says “We consider our clients co-design collaborators and customize each gown to meet their needs.” They were also voted “Best Anti-Bridezilla Bridal Boutique” by Time Out New York. I would encourage every bride to go above and beyond to find a dress that truly suits their personality.

During the ceremony everyone sang “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver and everyone in the crowd was singing through a smile. As they walked down the isle people tossed colorful rose petals and then enjoyed oysters and champagne before heading to the Nantucket Hotel for the reception.

Kate & Carter are full of energy and they love to travel. When I asked them how they met it was no surprise that these two met in Beijing….”Carter and I met in Beijing, China. We were both working at the same company on the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Our first date was at the “Bird’s Nest”, the Beijing Olympic Stadium, we watched Usain Bolt win a gold medal for Jamaica. At that time, I was living full-time in Beijing and Carter was living in London.  We did the long distance thing, seeking out romantic destinations in Eurasia to rendezvous. After a year, we decide to move back to the States together and ended up in Brooklyn.”

Pimny’s Point holds a special place in the hearts of Kate & Carter I was so happy to hear about why they love the island, how they chose their venues and also how they decided to make this the destination for their special day…..”I spent my summers in Nantucket growing up. Since we have been together, Carter and I have made a big effort to get to the island as much as possible. It is where he really got to know my family. The first night Carter came to visit my family on Nantucket, we went to a clambake at Pimny’s Point, he was blown away by the beauty of it where we ended up getting married 3 years later.  We decided to get married on Nantucket because is a really peaceful place for both us and have many shared memories there. We considered other places that might be cheaper or more convenient for our guests to get to, but when Clara offered her house on Pimny’s Point to be our ceremony location we knew we would never find a more special place to get married. Pimny’s Point perfectly embodies everything we love about the island. Our reception was at The Nantucket Hotel and Resort. We picked it because the space is beautiful but unpretentious, colorful and a little funky, as well as conveniently located right in town. The staff was incredibly accommodating and really knew how to throw a good party.  Also, the fire pits were a big draw!”

The toasts during dinner were lovely and then everyone danced the night away! It was great meeting this incredible group of people and I look forward to seeing them on Nantucket in the future! Congratulations Kate & Carter!

Special thanks to Kathryn Kennedy for joining me to photograph the day!

Dress & Floral Crown: Stone Fox Bride – NYC, Salon: RJ Miller, Bridesmaid Dresses: Calypso, Groom’s Suit: J. Crew, Ceremony Location: Private Home at Pimny’s Point, Officiant: Georgia Snell, Ceremony Blue Grass Band: Chuck Colley,  Raw Bar: PJ Kaizer, Flowers: Flowers on Chestnut,    Reception: The Nantucket Hotel, Catering: Nantucket Catering Company,  Band: B.O.S.S. – Boston, Ma, Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography,   2nd Shooter: Kathryn Kennedy, Transportation: Cranberry Transportation.

Enjoy! – Katie K.

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