Hillary & Athe’s Engagement Session on Nantucket

– Athe & Hillary –


Last Saturday we had an absolutely magical evening for an engagement session with Athe and Hillary! For the week leading up to our session, the Nantucket forecast was calling for 90% rain but we all decided to stay positive and will the sun to come out instead. Thankfully our positive energy worked well with Mother Nature and we had an absolutely amazing day.  It’s always great getting to know my couples during their engagement sessions and it’s a lot of fun to tour the island with them showing them new places! We started off in town and we even had a surprise (comical)  photobomb from our very own Kit Noble, my good friend and N Magazine’s Chief Photographer. While Kit and his friend made an animated appearance we all shared a laugh and I realized instantly that Hillary and Athe are definitely a fun and easy going couple. After town we went to the little Bamboo Forest and then onto Steps Beach for sunset. Sunshine, Blue skies, Green Bamboo, Fields of Gold, Pink Trees and the infamous magical light of a Nantucket Sunset made for a colorful and lovely session. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in June!

Nantucket is a very special place to Hillary https://www.azns.org/neurontin-gabapentin/ & Athe…..”I have vacationed on Nantucket since I was a baby and Athe has joined me there every summer since we became a couple six years ago.  For us, Nantucket is a place to relax and enjoy some of our favorite things without distraction.  We spend time with each other, catch up with family on walks, over meals, and around the scrabble board, and enjoy the beautiful, unspoiled land of beaches, moors, and bogs.  The incredible natural beauty on Nantucket is what we love most–whether kayaking over to Coatue with lobster rolls and bottles of Whale’s Tale or jogging through Sanford Farm while keeping an eye out for the nesting Osprey.  The engagement session made us so excited to celebrate with our friends and family in June!”

I look forward to photographing Hillary & Athe’s wedding and I can’t wait to meet their friends and family! This is a special couple who absolutely shines when they are together!

Enjoy! – Katie K.


We even had a classic photobomb on Main St. from N Magazine’s very own Kit Noble and his friend Tracy!



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