The Ruley Twins, Growing up on Nantucket, Springtime Session 2013 – Nantucket, Ma

Nantucket is a very special place to be a family photographer. I love the unique combination of photographing families who live on Nantucket year round and families who come from all over the world to visit this special island.  Being able to photograph local families throughout all the seasons is a wonderful experience. Being from Nantucket I have a true appreciation for what it means to grow up on the island. One of my favorite local families is the Ruley Family. I have been photographing them since the kids were little and we do a few photo sessions a year with the twins Charlotte and Madeleine who are 8 years old now! They are such a sweet family. The girls love nature, bird watching and everything to do with the outdoors. We have photographed all over the island and yet we always find a new place to kick off our photo sessions. This time we had a perfect spring day as we met at Sanford Farm and then upon the girls request we went down to Children’s Beach where they could play on the playground. These girls are all about adventure and they even added a few spontaneous yoga poses in the forest at Sanford Farm. As they ran from place to place they also decided to climb a gorgeous Cherry Blossom tree that was fully in bloom. It was such a spectacular day! Looking forward to all the upcoming family portraiture sessions as we head into such a lovely time of year!

From Meg Ruley….”We love Katie Kaizer, aka our family photographer. A few times a year we get together with her to record special moments through her photography. The kids are growing up so fast! Katie is great at capturing their childhood life on Nantucket.”

Growing up on Nantucket….

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