Congratulations Kendra and Phil! A Beautiful Wedding at Their Nantucket Home and The Whaling Museum


Kendra and Phil were married September 12th 2015 at their beautiful yard at their Nantucket Residence on Boyers Alley. They had a beautiful Ceremony surrounded by family and friends and Officiated by Lt. commander Robert Mills, The US Coast Guard Chaplain. The couple loves The Brant Point Lighthouse and it was the perfect backdrop for their first look. Here’s more about Kendra and Phil’s journey to this very special day….

“Phil and I met the old-fashioned way….on-line! After our first date, we both knew we had met someone very special.  I told my friends that I hoped I would see him again, and luckily I didn’t have to wait too long. I think we went on three dates within the first 10 days of meeting, and here we are…just like one of the commercials for dating websites! We’ve dated long distance (Newport to Boston and even Gloucester for a while), lived through home renovations and survived Phil teaching me to snowboard!”

I loved their story and how they share a love of adventure and the outdoors. I met with Kendra and Phil so many times over the year leading up to their wedding and by the time it was their special day I truly felt like I had known them forever. I loved hearing their stories of flying in Phil’s Airplane (he’s also a pilot) and their adventures sailing. As usual I loved talking with them about the island and what makes it so special. I asked them more about how they decided on Nantucket for their special day….”Phil and I loved coming to Nantucket before we met, and it’s been a place we’ve traveled to often since we started dating. Phil is a pilot, and Nantucket is the first place he took me in his plane.  We came for the day, had lunch in town and then strolled out to Brant Point ( with our dog Belle of course) before heading home.  In addition to a few sailing weekends, later that summer we vacationed for a week with friends and then a year later, Phil proposed to me in our cottage! When we started planning our wedding, we immediately thought of Nantucket since we had a strong connection to the island as a couple.  We are so grateful to our friends and family that supported us in that decision and helped make our day so special. Planning a wedding on an island is not easy, but all of the vendors we worked with were absolutely incredible, fun and talented, and we are so appreciative of all their hard work! When we toured the Whaling Museum as a possible venue, we knew it would be perfect, and we were not disappointed! It is an amazing tribute to the history of Nantucket, and the views from the roof are spectacular. We tried to incorporate other Nantucket traditions by choosing Nantucket red pants for the men to wear and having lightship baskets for the flower girls to carry.”

The night before the Wedding they even hosted a Welcome Party at The Nantucket Dreamland and guests took in the view of Easy St. Harbor. Kendra and Phil truly showed their guests and family so many of the best parts of the island (and the best views from both roof decks!) Their day was relaxed and fun and I loved hearing about their favorite memories of the day! They are currently in Ireland on their honeymoon but I loved hearing from Kendra with her thoughts on the special day….”I loved the “first look” photos with Phil…having those first few moments be so intimate for just the two of us…it was like we were the only two people at Brant Point! I also loved having our ceremony in our yard.  It was even more beautiful than I imagined, and so unique and personal to us.  When I walked out of the cottage with my Dad to walk down the aisle, and saw all of our friends and family, I was completely overjoyed. Thank goodness the weather cooperated and we didn’t have to go with a backup plan! It was a perfect Nantucket September day! We were so touched by all of the speeches at the reception.  From my dad’s  welcome, to the blessing and the toasts, everyone was so thoughtful and memorable. Having all of the kids in the wedding party was awesome! Their enthusiasm, energy and love for us was so sweet and fun!”

We are so happy for Kendra and Phil and I can’t wait to see them again on Nantucket!

Special thanks to Kathryn Kennedy for joining me to shoot this wedding!!

Ceremony Location: Couple’s Nantucket Home, Reception Venue: The Whaling Museum, Catering & Day of Coordination: A Taste of Nantucket, Flowers: Flowers on Chestnut, Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography, Hair & Makeup: RJ Miller, Dress: Allure Bridals, Shoes: Badgley Mischka, Officiant: Lt. commander Robert Mills (US Coast Guard Chaplain), Groom’s Attire; Pants & Belt: The Nobby Shop, Ties: Vineyard Vines from Murrays, Cuff links: Henley & Sloane Ceremony Music: PJ Moody, Reception Band: Redline, Invitations: Lucky-Luxe Couture Correspondence, Cake: Jodi’s Cakes, Antique Car Rental: Highland Drivers, Transportation: Swains Travel, Ceremony Rentals: New England Country Rentals, Reception Rentals: Placesetters, Inc.,


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